Cove Tifo Thread 2018/19

I’ll start us off for the 2018/19 Season

Round 2 - Sydney Is Our City


Right up there with the best you guys have ever done, certainly the biggest. Take a bow.

This is probably my favourite ever tifo along with the “some things you can’t turn your back on”. Well done to everyone involved with putting this together.

Always raising the bar for fans in this league. Bravo.

Great work lads, top notch stuff as always!

Superb stuff

Very impressive work. Should have depicted a 100 kg Uni student though. And there seems to be no Illuminati easter egg.

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I’d like to make a medium sized banner (1 x 2m or so) for our men’s and women’s champions for this year, I’ve only ever made fabric flags with no detail before. Does anyone have any tips or things to watch out for? Pm me if necessary.

what kinda tips you need mate?