Cup Final: Sydney FC v Brisbane Roar - 7 or 8/10/23

Our first Cup final since COVID, our fourth overall.

Lost 2, won 1. Time to even the ledger.

The Cup is the only piece of silverware that Corica hasn’t won (domestically).

AFC Champions League 2 (AFC verion of Europa League) on the line.

Brisbane’s first Cup Final, and their first chance to win silverware since Mike Mulvey. They’ve performed well under Ross Aloisi, but they don’t have have sweet Lolley, a Mak attack or a hard Wood.

Fucken Fire up, let’s 'ave at it. Let’s bring home another trophy for display at Sky Park. It’s been too long without a trophy


Host could make a difference. Apart from Bulls, nobody has won it away, and Bulls were in their own city/metro and not actually at the other team’s home ground.

And no live draw?

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Draw is being held on Tuesday if I heard that right? What a joke. It’d take 2 seconds to flip a coin.

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Looks amateurish to wait a few days with unclear criteria for determining a host. I think if we are to host it, equal likelihood it’s at Leichhardt than Allianz.

Suncorp might be just too big, same fear with Allianz. Would prefer a sellout than just having it somewhere big.

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Given the semi was at Melb Rectangular, I’d think Allianz might be in line.

Nothing else on before the (Women’s) opener game against WSW on the 14th

Melbourne Victory? I swear that’s our opener.

Edit: Ouch. You meant our Premier/Champion women’s team! I realised in the middle of the night. :sweat_smile:


They’ve known for a week that the host would be Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

The fact they haven’t cemented a date is a bit ridiculous.

It is amateurish. This shit should be sorted long before the final. They should have some guidelines that need to be followed


It’s Football Australia. Chances are they’re going to host it in Canberra, on a Monday night, 8.45pm kickoff.


Guidelines like…. A set, pre-booked venue in a pre-determined city?


It’s going to be Brisbane because they haven’t hosted before.

Fuck ‘em, they don’t deserve to host it.

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It should be played at Robina.


Meet in the middle, somewhere around Coffs Harbour?


Lord Howe


Maybe they need two days to sort out a hot ball and a cold ball? shrugs

According to my research if you drive inland it’s in Glen Innes.

Make it the highest ever cup final.

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You want a high cup final? Go to Byron Bay.

Or Lithgow.


They only have a half-pitch.

Let’s play 7-a-side. Celebrations at the bowlo right next to it.

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