Dark Mode Theme 😎

Added a dark mode theme for those night time readers. :sunglasses:

To change either use the new theme switcher menu item:

or go to your user preferences


Great stuff, thanks. Have recently changed all my apps to dark mode to save battery.

Not the right thread but this also reminds me that I started using a new computer a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to get the log in page to work on it.

Great stuff

Add an Opera House tile background and change the name to “3rd Kit Mode” and you’ve nailed it.


Awesome!! Loving this already.

didn’t think this was very exciting until i changed to it.

Fantastic! Thanks as always

Looks nice, and my mob battery will appreciate it, but it takes a while to get my head around this is how SFCU will look for now. As with any site you look at a lot, it burns into your mind looking a particular way.

It is a bit hard to get used to. Definitely reminds me of the 3rd kit. Not sure if that was on purpose or not but I love it!

Add pinstripes FTW!!

needs more orange



It should’ve re-signed Marc Janko.


Can we get a theme with the same colour scheme as Silva’s chicken shop?

cough or even two themes: Silva’s or Frangos.

as long as there’s no mention of beetroot or pineapple I’m happy with this

I hate when using my phone at night and I come across an app that doesn’t have a dark mode and my eyes are melted

If there is any colours of page elements which may seem off for a dark screen just post a screenshot and I can adjust.

If you could just get it to auto-change like the other apps in my phone it would be perfect. :wink: