David Squires mega-thread

Welcome back good sir:


Matt Simon:metal:

Now I know the season is underway. Genius.

Good to have it back, love the Sydney bias on the Opera House

It’s all amazing. The Victory jersey as a dish rag is a particular highlight.

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Brilliant. There’s almost been too much material provided over this off season.

Not his best, but that last panel is gold.

That Ricky Sims joke is world class humour.

Yeah that was great.

Also love the “Visit Budgewoi” sign.

The sauce bottle in the 2nd last frame :smiley:

“Textbook handshake” LOL

This is great:

Tony Vidmar at the front, Aurellio Vidmar at the back.


This is today’s one:

David Squires on … an enthralling FFA Cup final

Love the VAR panel.


Interview with him on todays Football Weekly Extra podcast

Kenny Lowe could prove a good comedic addition to the backroom staff.

One of his absolute best today. The Dutton panel is gold.

Still giggling at the eminem lyrics.

…and this