Decent junior football Victoria **shudder**

So a mate of mine has had to make an unfortunate move to Victoria for work purposes, and he’s living in a suburb about 30kms northeast of the Shame capital in a place called Diamond Creek. He’s looking to get his daughter into football next season and wants to know what would be a good junior club in that area for her to get into.

I think the nearest club to him is Eltham Redbacks, but he’s not sure if they’re any good.

Does anybody have much knowledge of Victorian junior clubs?

There is a nice brewery across the road from the McDonalds in Diamond Creek. Not much help I know.



My wife once asked me if we could move to Melbourne, she’s from Wellington NZ. I said no chance, I’d rather move to NZ then exist down there with their little VFL cult.

Something to remember when I go visit him.