EF - Sydney FC vs Macarthur - 4/5/24

Well we looked much better over the weekend than we did in our previous game against Macarthur so I’m feeling cautiously optimistic for this one.

Hopefully MacArthur can keep 11 on the field this time. We do better against a full team for some reason


Apparently the club was unhappy about the clashing ALM and ALW fixtures and wanted a different arrangement.

Unfortunately, even against an opponent with no fans, Sydney FC is going to out-rate a Melbourne Derby elimination final by so much that it’s simply financially unfeasible to schedule the matches the other way around.


I’d also assume that there would be fairly big booking issues with the NRL, AFL and Union in full swing.

I don’t know how to feel about this game.

Just win farken. I want us to win a double in a transition year


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Now I feel confused. There’s a lot going on here.

Some interesting takeaways

The decision to host the men’s elimination final on Saturday evening was the result of the club drawing the most viewers on free-to-air throughout the season, leaving the club mostly powerless to get the time changed.

Sydney FC Women qualified for the Grand Final following a 2-1 aggregate win over Central Coast Mariners on Saturday, with a record-breaking 7,054 people in attendance at Leichhardt. The club has boasted the highest average attendance this season in both the men’s and women’s competitions


We are the league.

And looking at the crowd figures, Sydney’s lowest was against Macarthur and Victories was against Western - which really shouldn’t happen, you’d think.

People aren’t interested in the saturation derbies? Colour me shocked


apart from the fact that both teams were introduced after being forced to, by TV deals, into already fairly saturated markets, despite the fact that there were multiple new markets such as Wollongong, Canberra, Tasmania and Auckland ripe for the picking.


But, I mean, the worst?

Melbourne Victory’s only mid-week home game, no?

I’d say the supporters sort of see it for what it is, a forced/fake derby generated not because they were the right thing, but by demands by a TV deal. People are going to care significantly less about the new teams. WSW and Heart (to a slightly lesser extent) were seen as rightful additions giving people in a proper geographic area a chance to support a home team. Macarthur and Western were forced.

I for one would rather watch a game against Perth or Wellington, clubs with real history and who have friends of mine as supporters, than Macarthur at home. I’ll do Macarthur away if there’s a few weeks between drinks at the SFS, but that’s only because it’s effectively closer to home for me thanks to Appin road.

If Macarthur actually had any real base, and could bring enough away fans to the SFS to make it feel not empty, then I (and other Sydney fans) might be bothered to turn up. Catch 22.

I get WSW but not Heart. Heart played out of the same area that the filth did.

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Even with all their success Heart have barely generated huge enthusiasm outside of the derby occasions

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