Error 521 - web server is down

Hey guys,

A few times lately when I’ve tried accessing the front page (e.g. for MOTM voting), I’ve been getting an error 521: Web server is down. It’s been pretty intermittent.

yep, we occasionally have an issue with a runaway sql query that locks up the main host, Chile reckons its fixed now so it shouldn’t happen any more.

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I keep getting it if I’ve logged out and try to log back in later.

I get it on my work computer but it’s Citrix so I’d blame that.

After posting up the preview this morning I’ve got it cropping up again.

Hey so I’ve been getting this more and more frequently with the MOTM voting in particular.

This is now happening pretty much 100% of the time. I’ve switched from Firefox to Firefox Preview on my phone and have been unable to log in.

Yeah, I keep my phone logged in virtually 24/7, but if I’ve ever deleted browser history it’s becoming a mission to log back in again (Safari on iPhone).

I’m also getting this when trying to vote.

Exactly this.

I think we finally got to the root cause of this today, please report any future cloudflare errors here


Way to go team! Love your work.

Just FYI got this same error again this morning, took a few cracks to log back in again.

Yep, different issue same error