European Qualifiers

Great result for Wales

Hook this to my veins


I saw ads from Rockdale Illinden that they were showing the game this morning in the clubhouse. Would have been absolute scenes on West Botany Street.

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According to a page on Instagram called wonderkids, only one Italian teenager (Udogie) is getting any semi regular minutes in Seria A. About half the teams haven’t even given minutes to any youth players.

The Italians are historically more cautious playing teenagers, aren’t they? It’s the English and the Germans in particular who go absolutely apeshit over playing very young players.

I’m in mourning & will metaphorically be wearing black until the next round of Euro 2024 & WC 2026 qualifiers start.

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I just checked the tables. Since when were Kazakhstan any good? Pretty extraordinary effort given that most of their NT players play in their local league.

Absoloute scenes, as San Marino equalize 1-1 against Denmark. San Marinos first competitive goal in 2 years.

They went on to lose narrowly 2-1.

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So FIGC paying off the VAR or just general incompetence again?

Ukraine put in a complaint against the President of UEFA after he stated that Italy not qualifying would be a disaster…

He really said that? Good lordy. Absolutely shameless.

Yeah, let me give you the tip that UEFA isn’t a fan of Italy at all. :laughing:

Euro 24 groups released.

Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania

Great group :+1:

Group C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England

Another great group :+1: