European Qualifiers


With Euro Qualifiers starting today, thought we could get a thread going:

Kazakhstan 3-0 Scotland

Belgium 3-1 Russia

Cyprus 5-0 San Marino

Northern Ireland 2-0 Estonia

Netherlands 4-0 Belarus

Slovakia 2-0 Hungary

Croatia 2-1 Azerbaijan

Israel 1-1 Slovenia

FYR Macedonia 3-1 Latvia

Austria 0-1 Poland

Some suprising results, especially Scotland getting smashed by the might of Kazakhstan, Croatia scraping through after dropping and early goal to Azaerbaijan and Poland beating Austria with ex SFC player Janko coming off the bench but failing to make any mark.


Janko’s still playing? Long career for a long lad.


Man Scotland is in a proper nadir.


Expect that trend to continue when bog-average Mick McCarthy managed Rep. of Ireland come up against the might of Gibraltar overnight.


Mick McCarthy is back with Ireland? They must have run out of managers who actually wanted the job.


Kazakhstan’s in Europe?


Just like israel


Or Australia in Asia


Gibraltar 0 Rep. of Ireland 1 (Kendrick (pen) 49’) :rofl::rofl::crazy_face:


Siem’s brother comes on late for the Netherlands in the blockbuster vs Germany.


The goal was from open play, but still…