Euros 2024... It isn't going home... Unless home is Paris

A thread for all things Euros…

Southgate leaves Rashford and Henderson out of the provisional squad


He’s got to cut seven before the final squad is announced

No Bulgaria. So I’ll just support Scotland so I know I don;t have to bother paying attention.

Get behind the Turks


The Greeks have been doing that for centuries

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Any word on the Slovakia squad yet?

That England squad looks like one that is being aimed at the next World Cup rather than being it to win the Euros.

Looks like their gonna play a 5-5 formation

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Half of the “forwards” are CAMs. And TAA is a right back, along with half of the squad.

I find it really annoying that theyre grouping any attacking mid as a forward

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Italy will be gone in the group stage, or they’ll win the whole thing again. I’m leaning towards the first one though, we suck.

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Maks not even in the Prelim squad. So short of injuries it looks like his international career might be done.

Anyone tipping the Croats?

Think Germany will win it, but I really like the Dutch and Portuguese as well.

Belgium win as far as the kit design for the Euro goes, how about this away gear!


Surely you get De Bruyne to model that…


Opening game GER v SCO is tomorrow morning (AEST), I think Germany will win it but I’d love an early upset.

One of the better analysis efforts on Scotland’s methods…shuffling wildcatbacks.


Currently getting ready to head to one of the fan sites in Cologne, place is heaving with Scots. Surprised they haven’t drunk the bars dry yet!


Leipzig fan zone here. Good vibes so far. Apparently the VAR is being centrally controlled from here. Huge cheer when the commentator gave the city a shoutout.