Everything is on fire - the US politics thread


According to Fivethirtyeight: On average since World War II, the popular vote for the House swings by 7.3 percentage points from the president’s party toward the opposition party in midterm elections.

An 8% swing with an overgrown child in the White House doesn’t look that great in that context.


It is an 8% swing with an overgrown child in the White House but that’s balanced by the fact it’s also an 8% swing in an economy that’s doing quite well with unemployment at almost historic lows.


You’re looking in the wrong places. the new york times and fivethirtyeight not to mention The Guardian, all provide quality coverage. CNN is short attention span theatre for airport lounges.


538 has defintely improved things but even they don’t seem to be able to or willing to drill down in precints the way that Australain analysts can go booth by booth.


So presumably this is all good for the tangerine scrotum, in some way we didn’t previously foresee.


They do for certain races but when you have 600+ to cover across House, Senate and Governor then it’s much harder than here where it’s 150.


To be fair it did get better as there were less races to focus on and they could get into the detail of where votes had come from.

So not quite a blue wave but some good wins in Governors races in states that trump carried. Senate disappointing also not surprising that red states voted in red candidates in such partisan electorate.




Forte? Is that you??? We’ve been missing a far right wing poster for a while now!


Not sure that qualifies as a far right view. Lots of pessimistic lefties had similar views.


Im hopeful :frowning: I miss Forte


AG Jeff Sessions has been forced to resign and has been replaced by a Trump loyalist who is expected to suffocate Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.
There’s huge protests organised throughout the USA for tomorrow.

The TV series for this shitshow of a government is going to be awesome.


…if humanity is still capable of making something as technologically advanced as Television after the administration has finished their work.


I’m amazed no one has put a bullet in Trump yet.


Hopefully most people that way inclined realise how spectacularly counter-productive that would be. The same applies to impeachment I reckon. The only way to make this guy’s legacy worse is to turn him into a martyr.


What’s the alternative to impeachment if the investigation proves without a doubt that there was collusion between Trump and Russia though?
The country is so divided that this point i dont think his base even gives a shit if there was election meddling.


Defeat him in an election?


Sets a pretty ugly precedent though


All those well-done steaks, taco bowls and lack of exercise will catch up with him via a heart attack.


Democrats now at +38, which is greater than many expectations. Still three seats undeclared.