Everything is on fire - the US politics thread


Also: What the fuck, Florida?


The title of this thread is now very unfortunate. Any other thoughts?

Also given the Democrats are at 38-40 seats won, totally happy to upgrade my earlier thought that this was an underperformance.

Florida is a weird one: redder than you would think and polling is consistently a point or two more blue than the reality.


Contest in Florida has always been very tight. Would assume the high older conservative population would be giving Republicans a boost


Florida is an arm wrestle between blue Hispanics and old red retirees.


Florida’s going to be interesting next time round with 1m+ former felons being eligible to vote.


One step closer to proving collusion.

“This is the closest thing we have seen to collusion,” Clint Watts, a senior fellow with the Foreign Policy Research Institute, said of the data-sharing. “The question now is, did the president know about it?”


its telling when there is so much of this shit happening that these things barely register or warrant conversation any more but, perhaps, this could be the beginning of the beginning of the end of Trump?


America is so fucked up atm he could execute someone in the oval office and fox news would be spinning it as bravery and a democratic conspiracy.

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He will still get a second term.


Does he even want a second term? I thought he barely wanted a first. His arteries are full of Big Mac sauce… I think the best possible outcome is a giant coronary. Most likely is a second term though


He’ll win a second term in a canter


Yeah he’ll likely extend his electoral college lead. Maybe even win the popular vote, which will make him even more insufferable.


He’ll rule for ever. Just like Ron L Cupbboard.

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He’s not dead, his E-meter reading is just a bit low, that’s all.


Trump just continuing the brilliance with there must be punishment for a woman who gets an abortion.

Land of the free etc