Fan Representative Group

I would assume you would also need a beer tester to screen the beers for testing. If so, shotgun!

my own team of sycophants and token representatives

That’s Factor’s job!

Oh yeah, a white, 40-something male is the perfect token representative required…

Just shut up and select the damn beers.

Any beers I choose are THE beers. You’re out of a job champ…

There’s that small matter of that all coffee, no stout selection from the other year.

A-League isn’t a winter league, so you should be sweet for coffee beers…

But you also don’t like refreshing summer lagers …

Actually, you’re out. @Paulska, what’s your favourite Mexican beer?

If you wanna cater to the lowest common denominator- go for your life…

You know Jubal will drink lowest common denominator …

This is crap. We demand full fan consultation. The only way to decide beer selection is by committee or public vote where the choices will then become either coronas (cos they’re “fun”) or Beery McBeerFace.

You’ll drink the beer I select for you.

Anyway, I’ve already done a deal with Capital Brewing for exclusive access to Rock Hopper.

Yeah, but @jubal1 will also drink toilet water if it’s late enough…

Fuck I hope you deleted that video.

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I nominate @hillbilly .

I vote for GremiosGirl, Pao2gre, Dave’s kitten and Arlo.


I may be a dickhead.

I may be a rules lawyer.

I may be a pseudo-politician.

But sir, I am not self-promoting!


There are two kittens…so we will need twice as much beer.

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I don’t think I’ve seen this mentioned anywhere. This was posted to the club website a couple of days ago… seeking applications for the fan rep group:


At these meetings, will there be a seafood buffet?