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It’s Australian football, not Asian Champions League


Party pies and sausage rolls then

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If it’s hosted anywhere near the Moore park precinct you’ll have the choice of 18* food venues thanks to merivale.

Note: none will be open


Seems odd that they wouldn’t send that out to their mailing list.

Given the only people I talk to about football are you reprobates & half a dozen mates who go to games I dread to think what most fans opinions are to be honest. Good luck to anyone with half a brain who gets picked.


Anyone who has ever been to a local club agm or grassroots coaching course knows exactly what it’s going to be like.

It will be all the stuff Jubal mentioned about egomaniacs etc, and more.

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Seeking applications?

That the club hasn’t delivered a gilt edged invitation to my door via limousine is an indication of how poor this is going to be!

If I join can we get reusable cups

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Useless without cup holders.


Any more been heard of this from anyone who applied?

The people who applied will only be contacted in a pro forma way when Dodgy Danny & His Merry Club Men sell off some other aspect of the league for magic beans.

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From our last catch up with the club around a month ago - they had something like 140+ applications to sift through :upside_down_face::grimacing:

We wished them well


That is a very disappointing response. As a supporter of the game, why are you not focused on the sorts of chronic challenges our game faces in trying to stay solvent and keep operating at a reasonable level, or hopefully improve it? How is your response in any way constructive? You want our game to flourish, well look around at the very un-level playing field we are having to deal with rather than trying to knock off the very people who are trying to right things.

You may not remember, but Danny T (who I have never met, BTW) saved our A Leagues through getting both Isuzu and LIberty Finance as sponsors, getting Channel 10/Paramount to broadcast the leagues and getting outside funding. All that at a time I thought it was all dead and buried. He as also an excellent CEO of SFC. Credit to him. You may not like some of his decisions, but he clearly is focused on trying to advance our game in a very hostile environment to it. Examples:

After 5 WCs, the Socceroos still have no home (!!!). Is there any broad media of political groundswell to put this right? Are Australian fans out agitating for this, putting pressure on governments etc? No, I think not.

Compare: South Sydney Rabbitohs have a centre of excellence etc for their first team and ANOTHER for their reserves, both largely taxpayer-funded. The second was carved out of public open recreation space in a densely populated area. When MV tried to get something similar in Melbourne, negative local feedback killed the project. Had it been an AFL club, …

After all the Matildas hoopla among politicians, they are not offering our game real money (Qld government offer was a disgusting insult). Whenever it sounds like a bit more than a pittance, they always specify that all sorts of other sports will get their share of it too- because of fear or lack of commitment. Compare: was our game offered a share of the $41m taxpayer money the Swans got for their centre at Moore Park?
And the media are reverting to type and will soon bury us again. We need to hang in together to try to get our game up and out of the rut to which haters in the media and other corridors of power always seek to consign it. That means supporting the best sets of senior administrators I have seen in our game in 60 years: James Johnson at FA and Danny Townsend at APL. Disagree with decisions you dislike, by all means, but let’s keep focused on the big picture.

Because we’ve seen multiple promises come and go by different regimes and zero change has ever been implemented in any meaningful fashion. Forgive us for being cynical, but the ball is very much in their court and they’ve had months to organize something proper. Yet we’ve seen absolutely nothing come out of the previous announcements and we’re a few months out from the start of the league. Supporters aren’t asking for much, apart from a seat at the table, it’s not that hard to organize and should be implemented fairly quickly, not a few weeks out from the start of the league. Until we see something REAL come out, the cynicism stays.

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Sorry you’re having a go at him for cynicism regarding football administrators genuine intentions to engage and consider fan opinions? Wow.

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No, I think some fans’ sense of entitlement is vast and unquenchable - and entirely unmerited. Why should supporters have a formal seat at the table for SFC matters that go beyond match day concerns? Who the fuck are we? Do we fund the club, the league? A little secret: match tickets cover very little of a club’s costs. Do we carry the costs - ourselves, out of our own pockets and in time and energy - if things go wrong, including unexpected things, like Covid or having to move stadiums? Are we dipping into our bank accounts to bail out Newie and Perth so that the ALM survives? Where does this sense of fan entitlement come from?

I was astounded to learn, from this site, that the Cove reps had been having regular meetings with SFC senior management long before the whole GF to Sydney saga began. Astounded because the anti-DT, anti-club admin rhetoric had suggested that there was no such consultation. I think that this type of engagement is great and very useful for everyone, including ordinary non-Cove members like me who appreciate what the Cove does. What more could you want? SFC is NOT a membership-owned club, and I greatly doubt many here would stump up money to really fund it through membership. Too many people bellyache about spending $10 /month on Paramount - whose investment in broadcasting funds our game - or the price of stadium beer (which, you know, you are not compelled to buy)

In buying my memberships every year, I hope that the club and league will be run well and also welcome the opportunity to make suggestions by email (and DT as SFC CEO always responded quickly and thoughtfully). I like that there is 2-way communication/consultation arrangement between SFC and Cove reps. Had I known about this avenue, I would have perhaps used it to send messages to the Cove reps.
Beyond that, do I trust the views and values of a lot of the people posting here to demand a say in how to run this well-run club (which, you know if you look across a range of indicators, it is).
Shit no!

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Right so answer these two questions for me.

What do you think the the purpose of this league is?
What do you think this league looks like without fans?

To be brutally frank there is a lot in your post that sounds like boot licking garbage. I love how that type of devils advocate argument always makes out we should just be content with what we get. I’m getting fucking tired in this world of hearing about how we at the bottom of society - in whatever role or function it may apply to - should be grateful for whatever scraps fall from the plate of the rich and powerful and just keep our mouths shut and be thankful for the crumbs.

If you’re on here you shouldn’t be ignorant of what those meetings were about - it was mentioned multiple times on those threads. They were about co-ordination of activities between the club and the active group. There was also another group the club was talking to - essentially people they saw as “influencers” within the fan populace. Neither of those were avenues to attempt to gather fan/member opinion on the club, league, or game overall.

Do we fund the club or the league? You’re god damn right we do - probably to a greater degree of our wealth than many or most at ownership, management, and board level do.

I do find it interesting that you make an argument for the competence of football administration in this country and then in the next paragraph talk about just how impotent they have been in influencing government and other policy types in putting money into the game.

As for Townsend himself, we’ll the Grand Final saga showed him to be a liar and extremely dismissive of the culture that had built around the A-League over the last 15 years. He’s earned distrust and skepticism.

In any case dont bother with those first two questions. In writing this I’ve realised how tired I am of the arguments around this stuff anyway.


We may not have an official ownership at the club but the fans still have some power. Pissing them off too much means potential boycotts or failure to renew memberships. That also potentially means less fans turning up, a reduction in the game day atmosphere (as we all know this is a key point of difference to other codes) and bad will on the club.

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