Fantasy EPL Thread

Anyone on here doing it? Will put up a league if there’s some interest.

As someone who’s lost most interest in following a team following how my fantasy players go is the main reason for following epl.

Will you wildcard for Ronaldo?

I still do it.
I wouldn’t wildcard for Ronaldo, I’d be more inclined to do it for Harry Kane now that he’s staying at Spurs. I left him out of my side because it was clear he wasn’t playing the first couple of games.

Yeah Kane’s fallen to 12.3 but he’ll probably go back up now so could be a good time to get him.

I imagine Ronaldo would be 12.5/13 and that’s take a whole restructure for my team. Would give it a few game weeks to see how rotated he is

I would gladly join a league if one is set up. First season for a while that I’ve been paying proper attention.

It really is “get salah captain him and hope someone else gets some points”