Feedback thread

What do you like and dislike, what features do you want? Let us know so we can ridicule your sense of entitlement.

It’s effing ace so far. UI is better, it’s obviously quick, and without the baggage of existing posts, we are all a blank canvas.

I created a topic around 15 minutes ago in Bollocks and it’s not showing up in New. I would assume even if I created it, it should show up. Is that working OK for anyone?
edit: that’s if I have “All categories” selected. It works OK if I select specific categories.

Do you mean ‘Latest’? it shows up for me when I do latest for all categories
BTW, this should be in help

No, the “New” pill. It’s not a biggie as I would only really ever use the “Latest” one, but I was just trying them all out.

Also, no direct quoting now? You have to cut an paste the relevant post’s text into your reply’s block quote control?

lol, no, just select the text you want to quote and a quote option will appear for you to click

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Awesome! :+1:



So far so good. :+1:

I like this forum.

It’s now open to the public, please encourage past posters to try it out again

Sub-forums seem to work more like labels, and you can see all of the threads in the parent forum. Maybe instead of having less of them (I believe scrapping Youth and Womens sub-forums was discussed a few weeks back) we could consider having more:

The Cove > Match Threads
The Cove > Player Threads
The Cove > Youth Team & Academy
The Cove > Womens Team
The Cove > Active Support
The Cove > Meetups And Travel
The Cove > Squad Speculation

They are all visible when you view ‘The Cove > All’.

It would probably make it easier to find specific posts in future.

I’m open to that, lets see what others think, it would rely on people creating them in the right places through

Might want to make the old forum link redirect to here. I have the old ones bookmarked and I won’t be the only one.

We’ll do that once the archive is fixed

Good to see this Forum back on the air again. Well done. :+1:

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This is so much faster

It’s beautiful Jubs. Great work.

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I don’t trust that discobot guy. Says that he can put you in contact with friendly staff then sends you to this page
What’s next, a link to the forum out west for a reasonable and balanced discussion?