FFA Cup Final 2018 - Pissants vs Sydney FC

Feel like this will be decided on pens.

Quietly confident. I feel we have more room for improvement than they do from the round 1 clash.

Alf to score a brace, Ninko to be MOM

After seeing Devlin’s couple of cameos, I have no lack of confidence with him having to be used off the bench. I feel he’s taken his very limited chances very well…like the look of him

Yes! Devlin to score the winner. You heard it here first. He might also get sent off :sunglasses:

Devlin to get sent off along with Marrone in a scuffle after the latter mistakes the former for the FFA cup ball boy.


We’ll win 0-3, Alf double, Charlie to bundle in a corner with his wang.

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I would have expected DDS to start and be subbed off. Solid attacking bench though.

Yeah that’s a big call sending out the same team from a few days ago

Fuck em up!

Even with Andrew Clarke we wouldn’t have tried to do this. Either the new fitness bloke is a freak, the new fitness bloke is over estimating his ability or the new fitness bloke thinks he can compinsate in some other way. Hopefully we don’t get overrun in the second half and we finish it before the 90 min are over.

I seem to remember us rarely ever changing our starting eleven with Clarke though.

We both have pretty good defences but they needed a somewhat random strike from Galloway to score a goal. I’d back our front four over theirs any day. We played poorly for most of that game in round 1 but I don’t see that being repeated. I see us learning from that game and showing a quicker ball speed to test their defence more often. I’m tipping a 2-1 win for us.

I completely agree, I think we played a similar 3 games in 7 or 8 days around the FFA cup final and had the exact same/very close lineup in all 3

I had a feeling Paulo would start, he wouldn’t have been taken off in the derby otherwise.

Anyways, we got this. 2010, season 5 of the HAL, we were the first to win a GF away from home. This is the 5th FFA Cup Final, 4 home teams have won so far. We gonna do it again.

Or get arse-blasted. Whatevs.

They’ve got the same team as last week as well. I’m looking forward to DDS coming on in the last 20 and exposing their defence

Elvis is in the building!

Adelaide are not the first team to try and press us off the park over a potential 120mins.

Let’s see if they’re fit enough.

Feel like its bit of a defining match in his early coaching career for Bimbi. Having a trophy in the cabinet 4 games in would really cool the pressure and nerves.

Come on you boys in blue :facepunch:

They say there is derby fatigue but I swear we play the pissants every final series and every cup run.