FFA Cup Final 2018 - Pissants vs Sydney FC

Tuesday night. Who’s headed?

Not feeling great about this. I feel like their extra day of rest may help.

So Georgey and Diawara will miss the final, making it a similar Adelaide side to that we faced last week.
From our part, swap Siem for DDS. I’m picking an arm wrestle.

Adelaide will win, their back 4 is incredibly solid. I don’t have enough belief in our defence yet.

Think DDS could be the Adrian-esque difference in this match. I think our bench options are still quite decent. Devlin and Charlie aren’t world beaters yet but they look up for the challenge.

I disagree, I thought our back 4 handled themselves really well against wests when they piled on the pressure in the last 20. A few mistakes here and there but overall pretty decent.
But i do agree that Adelaide have a strong centre half partnership in Elsey and Jakobsen

I think we’ll roll over the top of them in the end. 2 draws at home for a them while we appear to have improved from the first round.

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I’m not confident about this one at all. We played awfully against them in round 1.

I’m also salty that I’m not able to make it. First final I’ve ever missed. They really should have scheduled it on a Saturday, would mean a much better attendance. Hopefully we still win though.

We’re getting a good old fashioned arse blasting 1-0. Bill’s cousin to score against us again.
We still get awarded the cup though with Steven Lowy, in his last act as chairman of the FFA, takes to the stage in full SFC kit and revokes Adelaide’s licence making them ineligible for the competition.
The travelling Cove, notified in advance that this would happen if we lost, unfurl a giant WE :heart: FFA tifo.


Yeah, same here. Funny that even Kurz was saying that it should have been played on a Saturday. At least for him, playing on a Tuesday night is an advantage as there will be a lot fewer travelling Sydney FC fans.

Last year’s final was awesome. I had my German in-laws in town with some friends of theirs and they all came along and loved it.

They really do need to move it to a dedicated weekend. I guess it’s just a matter of when you would schedule it. Now that we have a delayed start to the league (a good thing) and we observe international breaks (also a good thing), having another break around this time of year would disrupt the flow of the start of the season.

Hope to see everyone at the bat & ball tomorrow night for this, we will be raffling a signed match worn Mark Rudan Jersey that was kindly donated by the big blue man himself, ( as you saw on Saturday we used a fair bit of paint :joy:) it’s also $11 burger night & the chicken burger is exceptional

If a Wanderer sees this he would go off. As for the final however, our only chance with Adelaide’s lack of a number 9 is to grind out an ugly 1-0 win. While it is not a game to experiment, the same 11 as Saturday would probably get overrun with a day less rest.

Game day!!! Get the cup, then fuck off home

7:30 our time right?

Yep, 7pm LCT (local communist time).

Le Fondre sounds up for it:

I think if this goes to extra time I’ll be on a plane and not know the result until we land. So let’s get this done quickly!

Not too confident. See them grabbing a gritty and lucky 1-0 win

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Anyone know how many from the cove are going to the game? Seems like a lot more people went down to Melbourne when we played city away in the FFA cup final. Thats just my general impression though.

We’ve sold most of an allocation of 220 tickets.

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Decent effort for a Tuesday night!

Apparently it’s standing room only now