FFA Cup R32 - Sydney FC vs CCM - 31/7/22

This is going to be one of the youngest squads we’ve ever put out.

Anyway fancy a guess at a line up?

Redmayne / Grant Donachie Wilkinson Caballo / Cáceres Retre Yazbek Burgess / ALF Wood

Unless there are some other injuries?

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Aside from left back, exactly like last season then… please, at least have a different shape

Patty didn’t play against Manly so I assume had a knock and may be behind everyone else fitness-wise.

But that lineup does keep the box and would see Segecic & Kucharski missing huge NPL games for 5-10 minutes off the bench here and leave me ropable.

So you’ve probably nailed it. :joy:

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I’m calling the first of many peach baguetteings this season.

CCM 4-1 at a canter. Our goal will be from an 89th minute goalmouth scramble that ricochets off everything.

We’re all looking forward I’m sure to a new & exciting evolution of the playing style under Corica’s exciting new Bisela-esque tactics. :sunglasses:

Also we get to walk to the ground. Which is also important.


Looking forward to seeing Caballo in action

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Our new shape will be a 433 with the right midfielder playing more advanced and the left forward playing deep

Depends on when nap time is.

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I predict Corica walking out with 4 new signings, amongst which will be Lord Bendtner, Messi, Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic


I keep trying to put our squad in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 but I think you might be right given how few options we have. Unless Caceres drops into midfield or plays at 10 and we play Wood or one of the youth players as a winger.

BOM looks good. Looking forward to a beer in the sun.
If football happens to be happening at the same time, so be it.


Except for a new signing.


Probably this in a 4222 with Caceres and Burgess advanced

THB, Gurd, O’Toole, Hollman, Girdwood-Reich, Segecic, Kucharski on the bench

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If that happened it would be like a Mr.Whippy truck overturned on the hill.

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I’ve got a group of nine of my students coming along with me to this game. Looking forward to trying to bring a little group along to as many home games as possible this season. Having the SFS back in action makes that a lot easier, it’ll be good fun.


Tell em to bring their boots


Is this going to be in the test?


‘Name 3 of our new signings’

What does “boo poofta referee farken” mean?