FIFA U-20 World Cup

The U-20 World Cup has kicked off in Poland.

The first round of group matches underway and are being streamed live in SBS

Group A
Senegal 3-0 Tahiti
Colombia 2-0 Poland

Group B
Italy 2-1 Mexico
Japan 1-1 Ecuador

Group C
New Zealand 5-0 Honduras
Uruguay 3-1 Norway

Group D
Nigeria 4-0 Qatar
Ukraine 2-1 USA

Group E
France 2-0 Saudi Arabia
Panama 1-1 Mali

Group F
Portugal 1-0 South Korea
Argentina 5-2 South Africa

good luck to any of the non-white teams playing in Poland…

It’s actually been quite the decent tournament to watch so far.

After watching the Olyroos in the U23 Qualifiers earlier this year you really start to notice how far behind we are.

Matchday 2 Results

Group A
Senegal 2-0 Colombia
Poland 5-0 Tahiti

Group B
Japan 3-0 Mexico
Italy 1-0 Ecuador

Group C
Uruguay 2-0 Honduras
New Zealand 2-0 Norway

Group D
Ukraine 1-0 Qatar
USA 2-0 Nigeria

Group E
France 2-0 Panama
Mali 4-3 Saudi Arabia

Group F
Argentina 2-0 Portugal
South Korea 1-0 South Africa

New Zealand are having a good tournament by the looks of it.

They’re playing very well, a lot of confidence in defence and some real swagger in attack.

This video is pretty remarkable:

Yes the defending and keeping was terrible, but 9 goals at any level is pretty astonishing.

Matchday 3 Results

Group A
Colombia 6-0 Tahiti
Poland 0-0 Senegal

Group B
Italy 0-0 Japan
Ecuador 1-0 Mexico

Group C
Uruguay 2-0 New Zealand
Norway 12-0 Honduras

Group D
USA 1-0 Qatar
Nigeria 1-1 Ukraine

Group E
France 3-2 Mali
Panama 2-1 Saudi Arabia

Group F
Portugal 1-1 South Africa
South Korea 2-1 Argentina

Round of 16

Italy vs Poland 3/6 1:30am
Colombia vs New Zealand 3/6 4:30am
Ukraine vs Panama 4/6 1:30am
Uruguay vs Ecuador 4/6 1:30am
Senegal vs Nigeria 4/6 4:30am
Japan vs South Korea 5/6 1:30am
France vs USA 5/6 1:30am
Argentina vs Mali 5/6 4:30am

All games streamed live on The World Game website and app

Round of 16 Results

Italy 1-0 Poland
Colombia 1(5)-1(4) New Zealand
Ukraine 4-1 Panama
Ecuador 3-1 Uruguay
Senegal 2-1 Nigeria
South Korea 1-0 Japan
USA 3-2 France
Mali 2(5)-2(4) Argentina


Colombia vs Ukraine
Italy vs Mali
USA vs Ecuador
South Korea vs Senegal

Messi fails to win another trophy with Argentina.

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Quarter Final Results

Ukraine 1-0 Colombia
Italy 4-2 Mali
Ecuador 2-1 USA
South Korea 3(3)-3(2)

Semi Finals
Ukraine vs Italy
South Korea vs Ecuador

Thats a fairly random looking bunch of teams there. Fascinating stuff.

Gutted Mali were knocked out in the quarters…

Tue that, though they did great to get that far.

Semi final results

Ukraine 1-0 Italy
South Korea 1-0 Ecuador

Third Place play off

Italy vs Ecuador

U-20 World Cup Final

South Korea vs Ukraine 2am 16/6 live on the world game website

Odds on those two making the final at the start of the tournament?

Italy was given 15/1 odds at the start of the tournament to win.

South Korea doesn’t even register for the tournament win but from what I could see they were 1000/1 to win the tournament at the Quarter Final stage.