Final week - 2020-21 Discussion

The six is now decided so it’s really a matter of how 3rd through 5th are sorted out and whether Melbourne get the wooden spoon.

Bit of a shame that it’s mostly tied up after it looked like 2nd-10th would all be in it right to the end. They were all in it to the penultimate week which is pretty impressive as is.

Which was the thread at the start of the season where we all made predictions about the final ladder order and best players, top scorer, first coach sacked?

This one:

Was there any mention of why Derbyshire is missing tonight?

Apparently it’s because he’s on 7 yellow cards (one away from another suspension) so they’re resting him.

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Can’t believe Welly won’t play finals. Real shame that.

Any idea when Melbourne City will play Newy?

I haven’t seen it, but given neither side have a match next weekend, I’m guessing Wednesday-Thursdayish.

Feels like such a shame that they didn’t get in - for what they endured and the crowds they got when they went home, I’d have liked to have seen them get some finals football

Very nice goal by the Nux to go into the break ahead

That Hemed pass to Ball for the first was sublime. Got to thank the Nux for the extra sacrifice they made this season. Another home game or two and they’d have made the 6

delightful reading the people tipping victory as premiers/champions…how glad they must be to have been so wrong



A lot of folks tipped J Mac for golden boot which was spot on. That’s about it though haha

I was right about Kruse contracting syphilis.

I don’t see CCM losing by 4 at home to Western, so great stuff they’ve all but secured a home final. :+1:


Hard to pick who we’re going to get. Throw a blanket over them basically.

What idiot predicted Victory to do well this season? Oh wait…

And as a stubborn Taurus, I’ve never been happier to be so wrong.


Am I right, after tonight’s game, only the Mariners and Brisbane can swap places? 1,2,5 & 6 locked in.

Yes and you really want 3rd place because playing Macarthur guarantees you a semi final. Whereas Adelaide can sometimes turn up.

In the finals, yes, but Newcastle can put Melbourne in last.

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