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IIRC 2 burgers, shared chips and two drinks (alcoholic) used to be about $50~ at Grill’d when I used to go there with the Mrs semi regularly, so for $20 more you’re getting over double the food.

I actually don’t mind their burgers, a definite step up over the likes of maccas etc

Depending on how you like your burgers, making a burger at home is pretty simple and can easily result in a consistently better burger than anything short of a classic aussie takeaway burger prepared by an angry sub 5ft Greek grandma that’s been bagged for 5-15 minutes.

Considering you could probably go to somewhere like Oporto for a little cheaper for four separate meals of similar size, I really think that “deal” is a fucking rip-off.

Except Oporto aint what it used to be … :frowning:

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You’d think Grilld would be cheaper given how much they save by not paying their staff.
It’ll be a cold day in hell when they get a fuckin cent off me


I must say, I am probably lucky that there is still an old school hamburger take-away in my neighbourhood who does burgers for $8.00 (with beetroot) and bags of chips that feed my whole family, with left overs for $8.

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Fucking TPG. I’ve been trying for over a week to do a simple NBN upgrade from 50mbps to 100mbps.

No installation, no new connection, no new accounts, just a software change (I assume) on their end to bump up the speed, plus a bit of accounting for the marginally higher monthly fee.

Should be simple, right? It’s arguably their core business.
Do you think they can get out of their own way enough to make it happen? Fuck no.

I am literally trying to give them more money, and they can’t seem to figure it out.

I phoned them today and was transferred to four different people (each time having to reidentify myself and tell them the reason for my call). At one point they transferred me back to the same department for a second time, I lost my shit, and let rip into the poor fucker who was unfortunate enough to answer.

I’ve been with TPG for over 20 years (even before ADSL, back in dial-up days), but mostly through apathy to change.

Think it’s time to start looking for another provider.

Yeah I was with TPG for many many years. Their customer service was atrocious.

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I just upgraded from 100/20 to 250/25 with AussieBB for $4 extra a month and it was done within 5 mins.

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Just change providers. NBN thankfully makes that a lot easier than it used to be.

What NBN connection type do you have?

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HFC (unfortunately). My previous house had FTTC.

HFC makes it even easier. Just open an account with another provider and you’ll be churned automatically. There is a $10/month off for 12 months offer at Aussie Broadband at the moment.

Being TPG I assume there is a 30 day cancellation notice period so you’ll probably be double billed for a month.

Tempted to switch from TPG to Aussie Broadband. TPG are slugging customers a lot more after six months, last time I checked.

TPG are f*cking horrible to deal with. We were renting out a place in Putney years back that had FTTP, first time we’d moved out of home and had our own place etc. I booked in TPG as for some reason, they said they needed someone to come out and install NBN. Queried them a few times and they were adamant and, in fairness, I didn’t do my research on the hardware. They missed 5 different visits, which meant I had to take 5 days off work and sit around in an apartment with zero internet or anything else. When I complained, they blamed it on the NBN installer, to which I asked them who I was paying the service to, NBN or TPG?

Long story short, turned out they had some stupid requirement that meant you had to have a backup battery installed for some reason. Ended up calling iiNet and after a month of waiting, got it switched on in 5 minutes on Saturday no less…

It’s funny my last couple of interactions with TPG customer service have been so good that I thought maybe they’d upped their game. When I connected at my current place I did it a couple of days before I moved in. They actually called and checked if everything was ok because I hadn’t set up my modem. Perhaps just the outlier!