First Gear-Grind of the new Forum

OK A-League starts tonight and our telly is on the blink.
Plus our car battery - suddenly - a couple of days back, and a flat tyre last week.
Luckily bad things come in threes, so we’re OK for now.

My home server / storage farm died on me 4 days ago
My daughter’s laptop died 2 days ago.

I’m tense.

Maybe being tense can count as #3?

I wish, I have no doubt that something vital and horribly expensive will shit itself and die over the weekend.

On the upside Synology has a 3 year warranty, so I’m getting a new DS1515+ and I bought myself a new laptop so I can give my old one to my daughter.

Two days after my bike mechanic closed his shop for a relocation, a friend screwed up the shifter cable that controls the rear hub on my bike, so now occasionally under load the hub slips and I get to hear the gears grinding inside the hub.

I’m loving Japan right now but how can a nation of people be so happy without coffee? My first day feeling massive withdrawals.

Don’t underestimate the hot coffee in a can from vending machines.

Need to do a bit of research to find them but there were quite a few decent little coffee shops around when we visited last month, just don’t be surprised if you’re charged 500 yen for one…

Those caffeine drinks in Japan are ok, but need to be treated as a coffee-flavoured drink and it sure as hell isn’t what we know as coffee.
Approach it that way and you’ll do ok, but better yet take advantage of the cheap beer and whisky compared to back here.

Actually within an hour of posting that I had a great coffee. I should complain more often.

Visiting or have you moved there? I’d offer ideas but jubdal prob better placed… Maricar was awesome though

On my honeymoon. Fitting in SFCU visits as time allows.

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Nice, which cities are you visiting?

We have done a little bit of Osaka and are currently in Kyoto. Also heading to Tokyo, then to Karuizawa for something a bit different and then to Hakone before we come home. A bit of a whirlwind tour.

My wife is incredibly tolerant of my football obsession to the point where she isn’t complaining that I am dragging her to watch a J2 game today (Kyoto Sanga vs Niigata, which looks important for Kyoto’s efforts to avoid the drop).

Wrong thread mate, you think we’re all mechanics or something?
I think the thread you’re looking for is “Grinding Gears: Get these teeth out of my sump” or something.
Beware a fetishists thread of a similar name though.

This place in Shinjuku station had pretty good coffee from memory:

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Harry Bollocks.

Sweet, I’m looking at buying one soon too.

So number 3 happened, I tried to port my number from Virgin to Optus. So far its taken 6 days and I’ve had no service for the past 30 hours. I cancelled the port on Monday, they went ahead with it on Wednesday.

I’ve recorded 31 instances of people giving me incorrect information or failing to do something they committed to including a number of callbacks and no less than 5 porting deadlines.

Fuck Optus, fuck them in the eye.

At least you’re not dealing with Telstra.

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Trust me telstra are paragons of virtue compared to these idiots. The service is actually working now, but nobody’s called or emailed me to let me know, amazing incompetence.