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Silver Fox is doing really well so far, very content with the progress we’ve made.

He’s recruited well, ALF is an absolute weapon, hopefully we can get SDJ fit and firing too. Also like the more youthful look of our bench now.

Unless it is the name given to a compilation of the worst tackles ever made in football.

Also didn’t like how he said how much the semi final loss last year hurt us. Just play it down and talk about focusing on the game at hand.

Still rate Corica though. Willing to give him ample time to get on top of things.

I have to agree with Sash here:

"For me he needs to put his own stamp on the team,” Ognenovski said on Fox Sports’ A-League Hour.

“He’s not Graham Arnold. Graham Arnold is just on you for perfection constantly and Steven Corica he might still want the perfection - I’m not saying he doesn’t - different characters. You feel the pressure of Graham Arnold as a coach, you feel the pressure of his personality on you, that you need to perform, it needs to be perfection.

“I’m not there so I can’t say 100 percent but I think the players are sort of, since Arnie’s left, it’s like the Ferguson effect at Manchester United. Not the same comparisons but ‘oh jeez Fergie’s gone,’ pressure valves off.

"Same players are there, and the ones that they’ve brought in, probably van der Linden, isn’t what they expected, but the other two boys have been doing the jobs for them. So the other guys that have been there, the pressure valves come off and it’s like ok we can relax a bit, we’ve got a bit more freedom with Bimbi, he was the assistant coach last year, so it’s just a different mindset.

“So he needs to stamp his own authority and style of play to the team, not follow the plans that Arnie set in place two years ago.”

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Corrica was coach of the round for round 9 against Perth.

"Not many teams will got to nib Stadium this season and return home with three points, let alone with the general level of comfort Sydney FC enjoyed.

Aside from a nervy few moments after Chris Ikonomidis cut the deficit late on, the Sky Blues were largely in control and worthy 2-1 winners over the previously unbeaten leaders.

A statement victory from the Premiers and the biggest of Steve Corica’s short tenure."

A top 4 finish on the ladder is a reasonable result for SC,imo.When the injuries and departures are considered.

Expecting to duplicate GA’s last 2 years is unrealistic.Different players,different personalities and SC hasnt been in the pressure role B4.

A third thru the season,sitting on third and the best cup run apart from Adelaide.I’m sure he is learning more week by week.

With the transfer window close, a quality Asian player would be good.

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There has been criticism throughout the season, particularly relating to leaving subs too late and the lack of rotation, but let’s put things into perspective.

He’s picked the gig up immediately after the most successful coach in HAL history, combined here and CCM I recall Arnie finishing top 2 in 6 out of his 7 full seasons which is absolutely remarkable considering the salary cap and the difference in both organisations. Arnie was also primarily responsible for completely overhauling our culture. We cashed in on Adrian and Bobo, lost Clarkey, and had the added challenges associated with the demolition of the SFS and playing out of various homes.

We’ve finished 2nd, comfortably in the end, with a points total / average points per game good enough to win the title most years. We’ve made another FFA Cup Final and held our own in the ACL. If you offered that at the start of the season I’d have snapped your hand off. Forza Bimbi FC.

I think he’s really grown into the role and made improvements along the way as well. We’ve all looked back at those 5 points dropped against Roar & CCM, we could also look back to just one shit half away to Perth in a “6 pointer” as being the difference in today’s match being a title decider. But whatevs, Perth have had an exceptional year and deserve the Plate. For us to have finished top 2 again (4th time in 5 years, what a time to be alive) is a fantastic start to the reign of the Silver Fox.


I said at the start of the season my pass mark for Bimbi was top 4. Hes more than comfortably exceeded that so Im very happy. Hes finished with the highest points tally by a team finishing second I think.

To add to your comments, Buijs needs a mention in players lost. He lost the best striker, best attacking player, a very good defender and the best fitness coach. He’ll probably have even more of a rebuild this coming season when hes most likely without Brillante, O’Neill and Brosque.


I think this has been the thing I’m most impressed by. Thinking back to the very early days, his plan was basically “do what Arnie did” and as time has gone on, I feel the team has become more and more his own. He also had problems earlier on with using subs too late and without much impact (again, just like Arnie), but this has been massively improved over the course of the season. It’s clear this team isn’t quite up to what the previous two seasons offered up, but it was never going to be and that’s fine. 2nd place is a huge achievement for a first-time coach.

The big question for me is how Bimbi will go in the off-season as he has to deal with the last of the Arnie years either leaving the club or getting on to a point where they may not be as good as they were (I’m thinking Wilkinson here, who will be 35 at the start of next season). This is going to be a tough rebuilding job, particularly if O’Neill leaves or, worst case scenario, Grant leaves too.

Good point. From memory though we knew Jordy was gone before the end of last season and so Jop or other was always going to be lined up to replace him. Imo Adrian and Bobo were bigger losses, contributions aside, simply because both left later on when they would’ve initially been pretty central to Corica’s plans.

Agreed also the biggest test is definitely yet to come with further significant changes to the squad inevitable over the next year or two. But I’m happy to adjust future expectations accordingly. Ups and downs are unavoidable and you can’t expect to win stuff EVERY year with the cap, post-Farina all I really wanted to see is the club making consistently good decisions with recruitment and match day squads where I can turn up and know we’re also getting the best out of what we’ve got.

Sounds like Talay is gone. Wonder who Corica will replace him with

To keep that S1 Championship coaching production line going, I say The Myth. He did well down at Wollongong and at 33 would be a good long term successor to Corica when that time comes.


Has to be Ruben then. :wink:

Ruben can be Kit Manager.
It’s about time he got all of those balls down from behind row Z.


Forza the Silver Fox!

What a first season, really growing into the job nicely.

Early in the season i was 50/50 on the Fox,but now its 100 to nothing.

The team had some downtimes but the last couple of months have been excellent.

Runners up in the Cup…nice
2nd in premiership(has always made GF)

WINNERS of the grand prize! Thats a significant achievement considering the crowd,VAR and travel.

CONGRATULATIONS …Steve Corica.Please continue forever!

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And had us playing the most elegant and inventive football (at times) in SFC history (or what do you do if you don’t have a big lad up front to hoof it to?)

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Agree after 10 or so games I’ll be honest and say I was thinking he wasn’t up to it and wanted him to step back, he made some very strange choices early in the year. But he seems to have gotten better and better, and I have no doubt he will get a few more good players in and will be right up for the challenge next season.

Yes,next season is another challenge.

I’m hoping the recruiting is well underway but he said recently that the emphasis is on Aussie players.

jop/Siem/reza are likely to go,interesting to see who comes in?

Hes promoted Stanton to assistant