Football Leaks etc

This stuff is doing the rounds in most media sources at the moment, but worth reading the original pieces from Der Spiegel. Longreads obviously, but well worth it - some really detailed reporting.
Nothing overly surprising: we all knew FFP is/was ridiculous and that the likes of PSG & City were taking the piss, plus the Euro Super League idea isn’t new. Still a bit confronting just how brazen these clowns are.
It really is a shit sport at the top.

From the latest City article…

The work of the business professionals wasn’t just limited to Manchester. In the last several years, Abu Dhabi has set up a branch office of its City franchise on almost every continent. Part 4 in this series will elucidate the strategy behind this global football empire and how the sister clubs are used for hidden payments and tax savings.

Oooooh that is going to be interesting.

Silence from the Australian football media, I’m sure, but still.

Reported by The Guardian today, Mancini was being paid by the Abu Dhabi club as a consultant while holding the managers role at City. They claim it was to get around FFP but are managers salaries included in that?

It’s about club expenditure vs revenue, isn’t it? So no reason managers shouldn’t be included.