FORCED ACQUISITION - Losing your home

G’Day all
Ive been missing in action on the forum & prematch pub but still going to the games.

Anyway, my main reason is we have just lost our family home in Randwick due to a forced acquisition
but have not been compensated fairly under the Just Terms Act,

I will be continuing this fight in the Land & Environment Court with only afew neighbours as most of my stressed out 250 neighbours of the 92 homes bowed out to the Government pressure

I cant explain too much as its tough emotionally & mentally but will in person over a beer & cigar at the pub if you are interested in the process.

Please check out the links for some info & help me give some grief back to these Government c.nts
on twitter NO just terms compensation @JustTerms

Has anyone been involved personally of through their job in such an unfortunate process

J t G