Fundraising, charity, community work

Hi. I thought it might be nice to have a thread to mention any fundraising, charity or community work/activities those of us in the SFCU forum might be doing. Hope this is okay by the admin(s).


Ages ago I made a team at Lifeblood called Supporters of Sydney Football Club, intending to invite people to join, but, I’m not good at reaching out and advertising. If you’re an existing donor or want to become a blood/plasma/platelet donor, you can join my team following the below instructions.

Wish I could but I’m barred from donating blood in Australia due to my presence in the UK during the Mad Cow Disease debacle in the 80’s/90’s

That, and you are a reverse vampire.

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My parents and brother too. :worried:

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I’m on the Board of one of the larger NGO’s in Bathurst called Veritas House, that works in the foster care and at risk youth space in the Central West.

Always looking for corporate support to reduce our reliance on government funding to service our community.


Good news jub jub.


Yeah I read that yesterday, that’s excellent. I’m just waiting for them to update the donor screening process.

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Good news for my mum. And brother.
My dad might be over the age bracket.

Well, maybe not, actually.
76, apparently.
Though maybe the first time donor age is lower.

Go for it, Scotsman! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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I’m doing this 4 months from tomorrow.

10 days until I do the World’s Greatest Shave!


Plaits were sent off to Sustainable Salons and Variety.


I’ve recently been inspired by Fans Supporting Foodbanks in the UK and think it would be really cool if we could do something similar here. Food insecurity is ridiculously high in this country given the wealth we have and think we could definitely make an impact. There might be some hurdles but don’t think this would be a particularly difficult initiative to implement - Foodbank have some resources to help run food drives.

Are we already doing anything like this that I’m not aware of? Who can I contact to try and make this happen? I already have some contacts at the club but don’t really know anyone in the cove leadership. Working with other fan groups at other clubs would also be really cool (particularly with the RBB at Syd derbies due to the number of fans that will be present and able to support).

Please shoot me a message or reply if you’re keen to get involved.


It’s a slight tangent, but I always loved the Real Betis tradition of throwing thousands of soft toys onto the pitch prior to Christmas for under privileged kids. That could be something that might be a bit easier to get off the ground?

I’m not aware of any such effort but it’s very much aligned with the ethos of The Cove.

I’ll DM you about how we can engage The Cove and the club to do this.

If anyone else is interested in pursuing this please let me know by DM or in chat.