Goal of the Season

Clubs socials has this running. Whats your pick?

That De Jong goal in Brisbane was gorgeous and is one of my favourite goals I’ve seen live.

Yeah that De Jong goal was a stunner and surely odds on to win.

Was a huge fan of the Huerta GF goal. That was an absolutely outstanding hit and shame to see it out so early

Brosque SF for mine given the technical quality, the context of when it was scored, the importance of the game and who it was against

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All 6 from Mothers Day…

Brosque chip vs O’Neills howitzer in the final

SdJ vs Brisbane. How is this even a discussion? Brannerz second.

Doing Jamie Young at his near post isn’t THAT much of an achievement. :wink:

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Yeah that goal be Brisbane just doesn’t do it for me because it’s like when I trick a puppy by pretending to throw the tennis ball, but don’t release.

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surprised so little love for the women’s team’s GF-winning goals. A couple of beauties there - particularly when seen at Kogarah.

I thought that as well. Ivanovic was a nice story but far and away the worst of the 4 goals nominated that month. I think the fact that the girls had 3 top goals which took points away from each other didn’t help.

Yeah, Huerta’s was the pick of that bunch for mine, stunning strike into the postage stamp.

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… and Chloe’s?

For the final I thought it went

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I would order it the same and also voted for that #1. Huerta’s was an unsaveable thunderbastard with some nice lead-up.
Chloe’s was a nice strike, but keeper touched it IIRC. That always loses points for me.

Agreed. Chloe’s was nice too, but it looked a bit better live from the Jubilee grandstand. On replay it wasn’t really in the corner and imo a better keeper than Eliza Campbell probably saves it.

Huerta’s? Neuer, Kahn and Schmeichel could’ve been in there together and they still wouldn’t have smelled it.

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