Grand Final - Perth vs Sydney FC - 19/05/19 - Match thread


Is the mid week awarding (should we actually win) confirmed?

if we manage to win it (of course certainly not guaranteed)

whats the best way to explain to a six year old sydney member and fanatic that we don’t get the golden toilet seat… and that’s because our governing body won’t let us …in a shameless attempt to drag fans (many of whom dropped over 1000 buck to go to the final)… to a dead rubber midweek ACL fiasco.



It seemed to just be an idea they had floated. I’d be surprised if the winner isn’t awarded it on the night.


We’re boned.

Thanks for the arseblasting you jinxing cunts.

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I would like to say that Perth are shit but it just wouldn’t be true. It will take a mighty performance to win this one…could be a win, could be an arse blasting.


It’s gonna be a super tough game to win. They are a great team, but not invincible. Last weeks semi final showed that. I think they’ll be tougher this week so we need to be as well. For a neutral it’s set up as a great match. Too bad I’m not a fucking neutral. Squeaky bum time could go the whole 90 mins.


Keep Castro in midfield quiet and cut Davidson’s supply down the wing and we have a chance

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This was a pretty good tactical summation:


I went to Perth once , the only thing I remember was the Little Creatures Brewery that’s all .


Match preview is up!

Previous Matches


Wins: 26 (59.1%)

Draws: 9 (20.5%)

Losses: 9 (20.5%)

Sydney FC record at Optus Stadium

This is Sydney FC’s first competitive fixture at Optus Stadium. This will be the 49th stadium where Sydney FC have played a competitive game of football.

Last 5 Matches

18/04/19 – Sydney FC 1 – 0 Perth Glory

9/01/19 – Perth Glory 3 – 1 Sydney FC

21/12/19 – Perth Glory 1 – 2 Sydney FC

29/03/18 – Perth Glory 2 – 3 Sydney FC

30/12/17 – Sydney FC 6 – 0 Perth Glory


Biggest Win – 6 goals:

30/12/17 – Sydney FC 6 – 0 Perth Glory

Biggest Loss – 3 goals:

21/12/08 – Sydney FC 1 – 4 Perth Glory

Most Goals in a Game – 7 goals:

31/08/08 – Sydney FC 5 – 2 Perth Glory

Most Appearances vs Perth – Alex Brosque (25)*

Most Goals vs Perth – Alex Brosque (12)*

Key Statistics

  • The only previous finals game between these two clubs was in 2016-17, which Sydney FC won 3-0 thanks to goals from Brillante , Buijs and Holosko .
  • Sydney FC have scored in each of the last 13 games against Perth, for a total of 36 goals. Perth have scored 10 goals in that time.
  • Tony Popovic has won 5 of his 19 games against Sydney FC as coach.
  • Adam Le Fondre has scored in all 3 games against Perth this season. He has scored 6 goals in his last 9 games.
  • If he plays, this will be Aaron Calver ’s 50th league or finals game for Sydney FC and it will be his last in this stint at the club.
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Isn’t that in Freo?


Come on lads, get into them. Fuck em up etc




A pox on Qantas…delayed , and delayed again…

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I never fly with them but this time was forced to in order to avoid a red eye back. Never again.


I never use them for work, and wouldn’t touch them on overseas flights (esp as I do Bus Class o’s and theirs is awful) but it was the only reasonable option this week. All this BS even before we get on and cop attitude from a menopausal flight attendant still bitter about being bumped off the International routes…


QF581 cancelled. We are now going via Adelaide.

Announcement soon, but jump queue to service desk now if you can folks… :wink:


Only 2,500 tickets left apparently:


They changed back to “delayed”, then changed the plane to a smaller one, shunted people off flight, changed config…all without an announcement. Only now have they announced all that and some SFC folk have been here, getting shunted from even 8am flights, only to now be told they have to go via Adelaide…or get on a 4:30 flight or whatever. Absolute cunts.



This is why I don’t fly on game day. Imagine it was tomorrow morning?


Arnie, Clarky , Slater, Gatty, Danny Townsend, Garby…all got dumped on my 2 hr late flight…and into economy seats because they’ve put it from an Airbus to a tiny 737…Jesus Qantas are gonna get shamed for this…:joy: