Grand Final - Perth vs Sydney FC - 19/05/19 - Match thread

I know it’s only a day after the Semi Final but I’m already excited and don’t want to wait to make this thread. Share all your match build up news, thoughts, nerves and of course we will have the match chat itself here.

We have a separate thread for travel and ticketing stuff which you can find here:

Match preview is up!

Previous Matches


Wins: 26 (59.1%)

Draws: 9 (20.5%)

Losses: 9 (20.5%)

Sydney FC record at Optus Stadium

This is Sydney FC’s first competitive fixture at Optus Stadium. This will be the 49th stadium where Sydney FC have played a competitive game of football.

Last 5 Matches

18/04/19 – Sydney FC 1 – 0 Perth Glory

9/01/19 – Perth Glory 3 – 1 Sydney FC

21/12/19 – Perth Glory 1 – 2 Sydney FC

29/03/18 – Perth Glory 2 – 3 Sydney FC

30/12/17 – Sydney FC 6 – 0 Perth Glory


Biggest Win – 6 goals:

30/12/17 – Sydney FC 6 – 0 Perth Glory

Biggest Loss – 3 goals:

21/12/08 – Sydney FC 1 – 4 Perth Glory

Most Goals in a Game – 7 goals:

31/08/08 – Sydney FC 5 – 2 Perth Glory

Most Appearances vs Perth – Alex Brosque (25)*

Most Goals vs Perth – Alex Brosque (12)*

Key Statistics

  • The only previous finals game between these two clubs was in 2016-17, which Sydney FC won 3-0 thanks to goals from Brillante , Buijs and Holosko .
  • Sydney FC have scored in each of the last 13 games against Perth, for a total of 36 goals. Perth have scored 10 goals in that time.
  • Tony Popovic has won 5 of his 19 games against Sydney FC as coach.
  • Adam Le Fondre has scored in all 3 games against Perth this season. He has scored 6 goals in his last 9 games.
  • If he plays, this will be Aaron Calver ’s 50th league or finals game for Sydney FC and it will be his last in this stint at the club.

Perth has always been our bitches.

Let’s do this.

I reckon we’re going to have to come from behind to get this done. Not sure they’ll allow us to perform the way Victory did. Poppa will have them set up much better.

The game is going to be tight as fuck. Any blasting of arse will require significant loosening of the anus prior to penetration.
Right across the park from GK to ST both teams match up very evenly but they probably have us for depth off the bench.
I’m hoping it’s decided in 90 minutes but it has extra time & penalties written all over it.
The only thing I am certain of is Brendan Santalab is a racist cunt and will be reminded of such at every opportunity.

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Well if it goes to penalties we should definitely beat them based on their semi final performance

As long as Alfie can take all five we should be good

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Perth is a very distant city and I, as well as many other Australians, often forget its existence and relevance to our Commonwealth.


How will we be directly addressing this? 100% serious here; his final game needs to be a reminder to all of what happened.


He won’t be able to hear it, too noisy.

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Fuck those flights were expensive. Just about to spring for my O’Seas trip in July and just had to fork out 3x $800+ (unless I wanted to go/come to Perth via Gold Coast :flushed:)

Despite the name, Doctors from Fremantle aren’t properly qualified


The Seat wont be in the west longer than the flight over and the flight back.

Perff are not in form.Couldnt beat 4th(after they had extra time in previous game) in 120min,had a training run with a Welly team that was understrength and not motivated.Lost away in Sydney,just beat a Jets team with nothing to play for.A training run against Mariners after a home loss to Tardistan.

I’m putting my cash on FC!

Perth’s drinking water is if poor quality, more appropriate for a third-world nation.

Perth (WA) isn’t even the best town called Perth. Perth Tasmania & Perth Scotland are both much nicer places.


Perth’s chicken parmigianas are overpriced by, I have heard, $1-3.


Lol. Do we need to brace for Egan to make an appearance this week?

Perth Glory are coached by Tony Popovic, he used to coach Western Suburbs and they are cunts!!

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Perth is one of the few cities in Australia where you can watch the sun set over the ocean; however, everyone knows that in a real city* you watch the sun rise over the ocean

(*exc. Brisbane and GC, which are not and never will be real cities).


The city of Perth is so unremarkable that every time I think I have a memory from one of my two trips, I inevitably realise that I’m remembering something from a trip to Brisbane or Newcastle or something.


Perth is devoid of tourist attractions whereas Sydney is home to iconic attractions that attract tourists from the world over.