Great Goals Thread

As the title says.

Salah scored from a corner. Not sure how you imbed youtubes on here:

Just put the straight url on its own line

Krielachs volley for Real Salt Lake is some goal

Was that the scissor volley?

This pass from Pavard for the goal:

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Digne’s free kick was beautiful

Does the Phil Jones goal against Man United in the Champions League today count?

What a great finish:

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Andros Townsend, woof.!711704

Thanks Palace!

Andre Schurrle last night.

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Outstanding. And then Burney win the match 2-1 without having a single shot on target.

Yep, Fulham score 3 goals in a 2-1 loss. That’s almost CCM levels of bad.

I’m thinking about taking the rest of the day off to watch Mo Salah’s goal on infinite repeat.

Absolute stunner for Athletic Bilbao to beat Barcelona on the opening day of the season:

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There should have been zero injury time, you score a goal like that in the 89th minute it should be game over.



Speaking of Nick Carle (not really)…