Great Goals Thread


As the title says.

Salah scored from a corner. Not sure how you imbed youtubes on here:


Just put the straight url on its own line


Krielachs volley for Real Salt Lake is some goal


Was that the scissor volley?


This pass from Pavard for the goal:




Digne’s free kick was beautiful


Does the Phil Jones goal against Man United in the Champions League today count?


What a great finish:


Andros Townsend, woof.!711704

Thanks Palace!


Andre Schurrle last night.


Outstanding. And then Burney win the match 2-1 without having a single shot on target.


Yep, Fulham score 3 goals in a 2-1 loss. That’s almost CCM levels of bad.


I’m thinking about taking the rest of the day off to watch Mo Salah’s goal on infinite repeat.