Group B: Australia vs Nigeria 27 July

Fowler and Luik both out with concussion. Kerr still out too


EVE, bugger. Back to 4-3-3 then?

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I think EVE is worth the start based on experience. I’d rather see her in the side than Kyah up front, or playing someone wildly out of position. At least EVE has had some minutes this year.

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That’s a hell of a welcome to country…


Quality terrible on the 7 stream, thought I’d switch to Optus for a better view…

Was Vine completely wasted on the left before the tournament too?

What, has she pulled a Joe Lolley?*


I believe she has, at all times, been completely sober.


Perfect picture on FTA.

Perfect on Optus for me

Courtney Vine, she’s drinking some wine she’s d…

I don’t have the attention span for FTA, everything must be app based. Plus I never want to hear Basheer again.

Nigeria seem to be a decent football team.

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Also look quite physical and fit. I don’t think Australia are going to outlast them in that department.

Be nice if we could do something from corners.

This game is deja vu from last week.

It’s almost as if all the other teams in our group are good enough to qualify for a World Cup.


We need someone else who can play on the left. Vine’s best qualities are only used on the right, and Nigeria are defending deep.

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