Group D: Australia vs France - 23/11/22

Thought I would dedicate a thread to the match itself. The Socceroos thread is good for general discussion, and the Qatar world cup thread is good for general discussion of the shambolic competition.

Australia v France - 23/11/2022, Al Wakrah Stadium. Kickoff: 6:00am (AEST)

I’ll probably need to end up watching the replay of this game when I return home from work. Was thinking about working from home, but have some meetings in the office which I can’t miss.

I think we’re going to get spanked. France by at least 2 goals.


I’ll definitely work from home that day. 6am is a pretty good time really. Can watch the match before work.

I have a feeling we are going to get tonked though so I don’t know how keen I am to sit through it. Hopefully we put up a good fight and keep it close. Outside chance of a draw

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In football manager France beat us 8 nil the other day.

could you re-save, use the editor to set everyone in the French team at the lowest moral and highest tiredness and then play again?

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We’ll still lose.


In which case you change Cummings’ stats to everything 20 and you replay the save again

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Looks like the peach baguette is culturally appropriate for this match.

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Le pecher baguette.

Sounds like we might even enjoy it a little.

What channel is the world cup on? SBS?

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Yup, all games live and free.

I think the Socceroos games might be on P+?

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I looked and it’s all SBS

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At least SBS have a HD channel if I’m not mistaken

Are we able to pause and re-wind on SBS?

Not sure, but if we score a goal by some miracle, they will rewind the absolute shit out of it at least

soufflé le cul!


Why didn’t you just Alt+F4 and go again?

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La Haine ?

In terms of quality, even with a bunch of key players injured, France will still have the quality to beat us, and most likely they will indeed win.

However, I feel like this World Cup could throw up some shocks. The European nations will have rammed through a very tight club schedule ahead of the World Cup, with less time for preparation for NTs than at previous World Cups. Don’t be surprised if we run France really close, or even snag a point from this game. I just have a feeling about this one that I don’t usually have.

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We ran them super close 4 years ago too, only an arsey Pogba deflection between us. Definitely doesn’t hurt to get them first up before they’ve hit their straps.

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Nah, I don’t hate France.

Emmanuel Petite is one of my favourite ever players!