Group D: Australia vs Tunisia - 26/11/2022

With us having been successfully peach baguette-ed against the cheese eating surrender monkeys, we turn out attention to the Eagles of Carthage.

We’ve played them twice before, but not in recent memory. Our first match was in Tunis, and we beat them 3-0 in a friendly match, with goals from Aurelio Vidmar, Mark Viduka, and a former Sydney FC player in Matthew Bingley.

The last time we played them was during the 2005 Confederations Cup in Germany, and we lost 2-0.

Bit of an unknown I suppose. I say release the CumDog, have Cammy Devlin unleashed to nip at their heels like a pitball at a postman and chuck Kuol on early. We’ve nothing to lose.

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Our only legitimate chance of getting a point at the WC. Even then we are going to need a BIG improvement on the crap we dished up against France. Hopefully Arnie fires them up and we give it a proper crack

Please no duke up front

Anyone looking to party with the other side:

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Who is this Chuck Kuol of whom you speak?

We should have gone with a single thread for the entire group. I want to easily be able to quote myself saying we will be ass blasted when it comes true.

I think we might be the only team worse than the Qataris at this stage.

Iran conceded 6 against England.

We only conceded 4.

I’ll take that as a positive.

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Iran scored two, had double the shots and triple the shots on target than the Socceroos did.

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Iran doesn’t have a player who goes by the moniker ‘Cumdog’.

I’m looking for positives here people!


انتقد الحمار

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I dunno, I reckon if we had come up against that Argentina side we might have done them.

I am of North African descent
I am living down the road
I am positive about our chances and jagging a win
I am a cunt on Saturday


Please no Mooy for an entire 90+

I mean they were up against Harry Maguire…

Costa Rica lost 7-0 so there’s that. We haven’t lost 7-0 yet

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:shushing_face: thanks jinxy


Alright, we are the second worst team so far!

I disagree. If you factor in relative rankings, I’d say Argentina and Germany are worse so far

And nobody even likes soccer in Australia

Iran: Hold my non-alcoholic beer.

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