HAL Transfers and Rumours 20/21

McGree is putting together a proper journeyman wikipedia page.

It hasn’t started well:

No chance he’s getting the #22 shirt then.

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The mythical Birmingham City #22

Jake brimmer has signed with mvfc

Chris Harold has retired to purse a legal career

Well at least he’s got a good fall back.

I’ll always fondly remember when the kids were younger, they were always excited to see “Healthy Harold” come on. It’s the small pleasures…

Shame on Bossi for not using his full title, Perth Glory record appearance holder Chris Harold.

Is he really? Sweet baby Jesus…

No he isn’t? Jamie Harnwell has like 100+ appearances more for Perth. He started there while I could still count my age on my hands, and finished when I’d wrapped up two bachelors degrees.

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not even close:

Despotovski- 241
Miller- 227
Petkovic- 177
Risdon- 154
Coyne- 153

Maybe he was their record appearance holder in the A-League. A bunch of those old dinosaurs would have made the bulk of those in the NSL. Risdon OTOH would be all A-League era…

In the HAL era it’s Harold, 143 games, 1 ahead of Risdon. Nothing against the bloke, but that is somewhat representative of their post-NSL laughing stockness.


He’d be in the running for most HAL (we’ll have to get used to dropping that H soon) games off the bench across all clubs, right?

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With everything going on he should be bolted on for a spot with Glory now.

Previous rumour confirmed

Thought he’d done a pretty good job at LWB for Western United last season

Agree. Pretty big loss in their system. Dylan Pieras could do a job.

Champness is back and there’s legal wrangling about whether he is still contracted to Jets: