Heartle$$: Melbourne City Thread

The Melburnians have decided to call it quits after the Melbourne Derby:


All joking aside, it sucks to see another active support group go bust.

they had a supporters group?

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Never noticed that logo of theirs before. Looks like it was designed by CFG, contains now hilarious use of ‘always’, and resembles the NYC skyline way more than Melbourne.

To be honest, I can really see City folding some day. They stand for nothing except “not being Melbourne Victory”.

If West Melb and later Team 11 get in and establish their own followings, City will be in real trouble. If the Arabs turn off the money tap I can see them folding immediately with no interest from any buyers.

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They won’t fold, but CFG clearly give 0 fucks about building a fan base there.

I struggle to think of a single reason why you’d support them if you unfortunate enough to be from/living in Melbourne.

Kevin Muscat is the only reason I can think of.


Agree they’d struggle to find a buyer if it ever came to that, but it won’t as long as CFG have the need for a feeder club / FFP rort here.

Their logo sums it up ‘Always for Melbourne’, yeh not really guys.

Melb Heart and City never made any real sense playing out of the same stadium/area as Melb Victory as the struggle can continued.

West Melb could due to geographical divides drum up some more fans than city.

Yet more allegations of “difficulty with police, seccos etc” with no details to back it up, Pretty sure a new lot took over their leadership this season and they’ve given up already?

Having dealt with the club & police etc. I can agree it’s not always easy but I find it hard to believe that a club that’s desperate for fans wouldn’t work with their supporters.

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Are they desparate for fans though? They want the club and don’t much seem to care whether anyone turns up to watch them.

If CFG don’t think they’re getting bang for their buck in terms of taking the most talented young Australians from the league, they’ll drop the club like a hot potato. Absolute guarantees there, I’m afraid.

They don’t care about fans or trophies, it’s literally about finding Mooys and Azanis.

The only way they’d pick up fans is if they were to sign big name marquees on a regular basis, and even that has proved to be less successful than anticipated. In any case, for City, more marquees will only happen in a David Villa situation where they need a player to get a bit of game time before playing for one of their bigger clubs. That’s very short lived, and frustrating for fans.

I still don’t understand the mentality behind brining in a second Melbourne team with no geographical or demographical distinction in the first place. I remember when heart was first introduced thinking - who are actually going to want to support this team? Then, when City bought Heart I was hoping that they’d bring in big names and $$ and really shake up the league but after a bit of a flirtation with that model, it never really worked. The fact that Joyce’s background is in youth development is an indication of their true intentions of having a pure feeding club.

A far better scenario for Heart would have been if Red Bull bought them instead. Think about it, they could have kept their jamtard colours of red and white, and Red Bull is all about their brand, so they would be wanting to have success in winning titles and bringing in fans because it’s good for their brand.

I would say it was massively influenced by FOX. Definitely after more teams in the big population centres. Bean counters v football people in the decision making and the bean counters are winning.
Short term gains v long term development.

One of the teams is literally a greenfield development in an area with no population yet. I struggle to see how that’s putting the short term view over the long.

Not sure you’re following the thread here. It’s about City, not Western Melbourne/SWS.

Haha fuck me dead. Zipped over from the other thread and brain deserted me.

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Even though the Melburnians were pretty awful, its not a great sign for active support. No more NT, no Melburnians and the RBB are a shadow of what they used to be. The Cove is pretty much the only decent supporter group in left in the league.

The RBB were/are infested with idiots and thugs who thought they were above the law/rules. They had to go.

NT were a somewhat like that, but I don’t believe the Melburnians were, were they? Are Melbourne police overly heavy handed and impossible to work with for the clubs and fans? Tin foil hat time, but do Vic Pol have an AFL bias that would see them want to discredited and work against football? NT made that easy for them if so but what did the Melburnians do?

It’s not Vic Pol as an organisation, but within the ranks there are definitely pro-AFL individuals who hate football and have a preconceived perception of who soccer hooligans are and what they represent.

Not sure this is supported by the facts. They’ve had Fornaroli, Cahill, McCormack and that Budzinski bloke last year. They’re easily in the top three or four clubs for high profile marquees.