I got Hoop Dreams coach - The NBA thread

Ben Simmons in his comeback game for the Nets:

18 minutes - 10 points (5/5, 100%) - 8 rebounds - 11 assists - +27.

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Just watched the highlights.

Looks like he was playing at 5. Some nice work.

Hopefully …

Ben Simmons is the Jack Rodwell of the NBA it would seem.

Played 18 minutes in his first game back, but will be out against the Suns…


Is he going to struggle to Eclipse the 946?

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I think so. He’s only played 209 minutes and we’re just past the half way point of the season…

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All Star reserves have been announced. Lineups here: NBA All-Star voting results 2024: Full list of reserves, starters for Eastern, Western Conference rosters | Sporting News Australia

Coaches to be announced soon. If we can beat Orlando tomorrow, the West will be coached by Minnesota’s coaching team, headed by Chris Finch.

Jock does enough last season at Phoenix to get a big contract at Houston.

half a season latter Houston trades for an injured Steve Adams.

After yesterday’s beach party, experiencing the utter chaos that is the NBL.

Beal got injured again yesterday.

Book got sent after 5 minutes today for less crimes than Draymond commits inwarm ups.

And the this …

Flames vs. Flyers at Dome.

Potentially Lauren Jackson’s last game in Sydney, I bought a “free” ($8ish processing fee) level 3 GA ticket and got upgraded basically to the 6th row from the court.

People are pretty precious about their member seats, so this probably wouldn’t work, but for the slightest Allianz crowds it wouldn’t be the worst thing to “upgrade” people into the lower bowl, Cove Heights excluded of course. They stay in the heights. But I remembered the 2017 final and one women’s standalone people were relocated to the east side and weren’t happy about it.

Genuine question: do the people that purchased tickets down there get a refund to the nominal amount that you paid?

I doubt it. Had a similar thing for a concert where we got upgraded. I suppose somebody could chase Ticketek up about it if they known people around them got upgraded from a cheaper ticket.

Bol Bol.

If he gets consistency …

Disappointing season for Sydney comes to an end, eliminated in the play in tonight against NZ…

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So Buford was fired for maaaaybe pursuing an NBA job and was let go for not being able to concentrate on Kings? Soooo…:person_shrugging:t4:

Victor Wembawho?


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