I got Hoop Dreams coach - The NBA thread

Not sure if the thread already exists… title suggestions welcome.

Good playoffs so far. Been following the Blazers all year so was very pleased with yesterday’s result… Dame finally getting his dues.
Clippers hanging in there against the odds. Real fun to watch.

Really good play offs so far… the Lillard buzzer beater was ridiculous

Looking forward to the celtics/bucks match up

The cajones to make that the play he was gonna go for. Just run the clock right down and pull that out. CRAZY!

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I think in that 24 seconds he’s assessed the pros and cons of making that shot and come up with something like this…

  • he’s been making clutch 3 pointers from ridiculous range all year (logo Lillard)
  • it would win the game, and clinch the series
  • buries Westbrook
  • makes him a household NBA name
  • creates a truely legendary Playoff moment
  • miss and go into overtime, where they probably would have overun OKC anyways

The post shot wave bye bye was a peak playoff moment.

Dame is a top 5 guard over the past few years, such a huge player since he’s come into the league, just a shame he’s in an era with some absolutely freaks like Curry and Harden.

Timely thread revival. Something about Spurs and Gregg Popovich’s suit today tells me they got it over the nugs for game 7. Agree, Celts v Bucks will set the eastern conference scene for the next few yrs (if Irving stays)

Go Celtics.

No LeBron to stop Toronto in the East this year hopefully.

Just the 76ers

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76ers did well to get one back on the road today. Strong finish, with two homes games ahead.

Free agency is going to be very interesting this year

NBA salary cap/ recruitment etc completely baffles me.

Commentary around the Knicks recruitment is like alien science.

the Knicks recruitment would be better if they relied on alien science to be fair

Great performance from the 76ers today, although the bucks having a weeks rest is going to be telling in the long run.

Looking forward to the warriors, without Durrant taking on the Rockets tomorrow

Has Simmons got a jump shot yet?


Shame. He’d be devastating. As it is, he just looks way to languid and disinterested.

He’s already got himself set up.
All star, mates with LeBron, Kardashian. He will sign with the Lakers and just cruise through without getting really pushed.


Im not sure how signing for the most scrutinised franchise in the NBA next to the most scrutinised player of all time is “crusing”

I mean did you see that protest?

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