I got Hoop Dreams coach - The NBA thread

Oh, I don’t care what happens with the Suns, losing a series to Houston would be hilarious - Books as big a foul baiter as SGA, so he can go get fucked…

But, thanks for beating OKC the other day. Love you long time…

I care what happens to the Suns!

I’m completely indifferent to the Wolves. No Luc, No Party.

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I am a sucker for punishment, but I would love to face Denver in another 7 game series - I don’t care when it is, but WCF would be ideal…

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KD is an interesting one… for all his undoubted talent, he never seemed to be overly popular with any set of fans.

He was second or third on the warriors (definitely behind Curry and probably Thompson as well at the time), same at OKC (Westbrook and harden)… Brooklyn was just a cluster fuck for which he carries the blame and now the Suns…

It’s fun.

We’ll never win with the twins! Yet we literally went 2-0 up in the Finals with them. I think the KD trade was a big mistake. I’d still make the Ayton trade because Nurkic and Allen is better than just Ayton. Plus we signed Bol Bol.

The CP3 trade I probably still make, I don’t think Beal is the right player but CP3 was declining badly.

But I’ll never get the KD one. He totally destroys the salary cap and the team chem. And I just don’t think he’s a winner. Great, great player, but no X factor. KD is Scottie Pippen, not Michael Jordan. Pippen aint a bad place to be, it’s just not leading you to titles.

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Wait. not Pippen.


With a shit load less charisma.

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Congrats JackJumpers.
F**k Melbourne.

We beat New Orleans which is a very handy team to beat. We are now 7th and one game behind New Orleans.

You also guaranteed us our play off spot!

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Shit. Apparently that’s 3 games in a row against the Pels that Book has scored 50+.

Hardly a basketball aficionado myself, but this seems pretty strange.

I refuse to believe the Irish play basketball.


I guess it’s the play in for the Suns!


NBL doubling down on their Next Stars development program. NBA have scrapped the G-League Ignite team, so I would expect to see more of that level of player coming through Australia.

Despite his dubious recent commentary reputation, I think his involvement in this program will be good for the league.

UConn win the NCAA Championship - going back to back - defeating Purdue 75-60. Closest anyone got to them was Alabama in the Final 4, and even then they won by 14…

Had a shocker with my bracket, picking up 1,180 points out of a possible 1,920 and finishing 3.0m. Lost half my teams after the first round!

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Evry game is a must win for the suns now.

We lost at home to the clippers. Durant puts up Mikal Bridges numbers on more shots.

Booker puts up Booker in must win game numbers.

Suns get 38 rebounds as a team. Zubak, Mann and Westbrook get 38 rebounds between them.

Westbrook actually starts and gets 16-15-15.

Suns were down 37-10 at quarter time too.

Booker finishes with 12, 1/11 from the field, but fortunately shoots 10/11 from the line (also shot more FT’s than the entire Clippers team).

Shot the lights out against Minnesota and then absolutelt shat the bed against LA…

Meanwhile, Boston get 0 FT attempts, while Milwaukee only get 2 in their game - would have been nice to have seen a free flowing game.

That’s just plain embarrassing that is.

KAT back!

Perfect timing. A couple of games to get back into game shape, then we hit finals baybeeee!

Really could have used Sacramento beating the Pels today.

Useless Sacramento.

Naturally, they’ll come good when they play us tomorrow.

Then we lose to the Wolves in the last game.

Does 7th place get two bites at the play in?