I got Hoop Dreams coach - The NBA thread

That’s SGA MVP to your bottom feeders!

OKC! yay!

So anyways, hopefully OKC and Miney progress. Then I’m not fussed who wins because either making the finals is a good story.

Boston - NY in the east with NY winning is a good story.

And then NY losing in the finals is an excellent story!

Knickerbockers going all the way

Puhlease - he’s not even the best Alexander cousin playing in the NBA, let alone MVP worthy…

What SGA does is so far from playing basketball…

Nickeil “chuck him in the trade to make up the salaries” Alexander-Walker?

If he’s lucky SGA will let him come around and look at the MVP trophy as long as he promises to keep his hands behind his back.

Really not into US sports, but I have casually adopted the knicks since moving here 8 years ago.

Theyre the one team that the entire city really gets behind. Id love to see them go all the way. The bars are always packed when they have a playoff game.

With the way Brunson is going, he might drag them to a championship on his own.

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It is the one true team of the city and that is the big draw card for players to go and try to win that championship.

Brunson is on fire but its probably a year or two too early before they are genuinely on the level of the celtics, Nuggets or (now) Minnesota

Just wait until they get Embiid or Giannis

Embiid is a fraud!

I would love nothing more than for someone like Tatum winning it next year, then Ant, then Wemby and for a serial flopper like SGA to NEVER win it.

I think we can all admit we want to see Jalen Brunson win it. He deserves it.

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Meh on Brunson.

He’s No Shai Gorgeous-Alexander.

Giddey got benched by the looks.

He’s still only 20 for goodness sake.

Byron Scott makes sense.

Same goes for bus rider KD.


Homicide Williams lost his battle with cancer yesterday.

I love me some well thought out KD slander.

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