I got Hoop Dreams coach - The NBA thread


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And Derozan off to Sacramento.

Bulls fans seem split on what they got back. As per normal …

They should be happy with what they got, considering he wanted out. He seems like the kind of player who would be an absolute prick about it too…

They’re reddit still has people complaining about Giddey.

By this stage, they may all be institutionalised whingers that have come to accept that they got very, very lucky with Jordan and Phil Jackson.

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How to make the US National Team even more unlikeable?

Add Joel Embiid to the lineup…

Also, terrible squad selected by Australia for the Olympics…

Excluding Thybulle and Cooks, but including Dellavedova is head scratching…

I reckon we’re going to struggle against Canada, Greece and Spain in the pool matches, and if we make it to the quarters, I don’t see us going much further…

We have an exhibition game against the US next week, so will be an interesting test.

It’s just going to be the LeBron show… surprised Bronny didn’t get a call up….

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Cause it’s still 2015 in some people’s heads!

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In my quest to find more youtube content I’ve found some absolute dross. Which includes basically anything covering the WNBA/Clark saga.

But this was quite good and it’s topic is @Factor’s favourite former Wolve!