Inky Tears - The Good, The Bad & The Teardrop

My S, done by Nikita at Little Tokyo in 2021.

Matching cockatiel feathers with my mum, done by Nikita at Little Tokyo in 2022.

(Title reference: David Squires on ... Kerem Bulut and the goal that never was | Football | The Guardian)


Was trying to work out how your tattoos were inspired by the Squires comic that you linked and then realised it was related to the thread title :crazy_face:


They look great by the way, coming from a clean-skin.

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My skyline!
Done by Joe at Little Tokyo today!


I have an appointment at Tora on the 31st to design my first tattoo


I need to get around to booking another one, there’s a spot on my wrist which has been calling my name for years now

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Your wrist talks to you?
My mum works in WSLHD mental health if you need help! :wink:

Seriously though, ow, wrist. All my tattoos so far are on soft areas and they stung. Can’t imagine right on bone.

Apart from the boney bits on the outside and the bottom, it wasn’t that bad. Worst part was the healing process, as is constantly moving every time you do something

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I got my cartilage in both ears pierced as a teen and washing or brushing my hair was a huge task with trying to avoid hitting my swollen ears.

I have my hands tattooed and it felt like someone running a sewing needle across them, not that bad at all.

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I’ve heard the feet and toes are the worst spots. Elbows and knees too.

I only have pretty small tattoos and, as I mentioned, on soft areas, so I can’t speak for the highest tattoo pain, but I’d take the pain of the tattoos I’ve had so far over something like eyebrow threading, which I’ve done for weddings a few times. I don’t like doing it, don’t particularly care about the end result, and one time I got cuts around my eyebrows.

Having said that, while I’m not a person who gets queasy at blood, I got really lightheaded after my tattoo.

My first time using Second Skin.
The other two times were plastic wrap and tape for a few hours.

It started to peel off by itself by the third and fourth day, when I took it off. Apparently some artists are against it but others swear by it.


Lousy pic.

I know it’s very much not what you’d expect on a bloke, but its exactly what I wanted, Scotland, Japan and NSW, my 3 homes.


Cool! I’ve thought about getting something similar with flowers/leaves. Wattle and water lily for Australia and Iran and 3 things for the main places my family lives/has lived: England, the US and Canada (Rose, oak leaf & maple leaf).

But it’d have to be huge to have any real detail and would cost a lot, so I wouldn’t do it any time soon.

Does your artist at Tora specialise in botanic tattoos?

Yeah, she does, watercolour and abstract styles.

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Okay, this isn’t a tattoo obviously, but a “body mod” done at Broadway Tattoo, done about 20 minutes ago:

My first piercing in over 16 years. Also, the guy at the desk thought my gothic S was “a Seattle tattoo” (I assume Kraken). “Nah Sydney” (like THIS city :sweat_smile:).

Edit: And it’s the one year anniversary of this li’l guy!

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So thinking heavily about getting my kids names tattood on my wrist.

Nothing overly fancy, perhaps their names over and under an infinity symbol shaped as a love heart, or their names in an infinity love heart, with their DOB.

I’m about as artistic as a blind person with a paintball gun. Any good tulips on where I can get some designs/ideas.

Are there any tattooists in South West Sydney that people would reccomend?

Like every good bogan I got myself inked in Bali.


Deliciously charry. I also got a charry tatt in the same spot 6 weeks ago