Intriguing Questions: An Off season Pursuit

You ever noticed how the trains have been constantly undergoing track work since 1990?

Ever notice how motorways that have only been opened for about 2 years have constant road works? Part of the same conspiracy I think.

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It’s essentially a strategy to prolong their life by another 5-10 years by lessening their use & waiting for money to become available to purchase new ones. /cynicaltinfoilhat

The ongoing maintenance required for highly complex machinery is so much greater than what people expect. Just cos you can miss your cars service one year without any problems, doesn’t mean you can elsewhere.

It’s amazing how much 1-200 hour services get done without you even realising.

It’s amazing how little track work I can remember being done before 1990!

This is almost “why don’t you see white dog shit any more?” territory.

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Well don’t leave us hanging, why don’t we?


Because people started picking up after their dogs.

I’ve no idea.

As the Son of someone who used to worked construction for State Rail all the trackwork was done at night and they did that seven days a week. They changed the rules because people who lived next to the railways complained about work being done all night.


Yeah that checks out. I think we can close that X-file.

How come Fox and Scilly looked so old in 1994 but now look way too young to be doing what they do?

Adrenochrome. Obviously.

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Why is it when you wait for ages for a bus to show up, you light up a cigarette, and wham. 2 show up at once?

Why do people still smoke?

As above, buses just trying to get their fix

Why do people still catch buses?

Because they’re really good with their hands?


Because there’s not enough helipads for everyone.

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Sorry, that was facetious of me. But I can’t imagine not driving everywhere - obviously doesn’t apply to those who can’t drive.