Its all horrible now, and I feel sorry for today's kids... the Music thread

Yep, I’d go see them as a headliner at the Hordern.

I thought they were on permanent hiatus after all that stuff came out about Win Butler allegedly being a bit of a pest??

I read a theory that multi-genre festivals are proving less successful and specific genre ones more so, reflecting modern musical consumption where we drill down into specific styles.

It’s kinda tough when the 2nd best metal act is on at 11am. Fuck you BDO.

Yeh I went to knotfest on the weekend, and it was packed.

Splendour had a pretty good run mishmashing multiple genres. They just shat the bed this year.

Big Day Out had some epic lineups back in the day.

Agreed. The Lees/West fall out and Maddah getting involved was the death knell.

Reckon had they not expanded into doing multiple shows in Sydney and just kept it how it was, it would have continued for a bit longer.

Fun read from not too long ago:


Curiously, the article misses the adoption of BDO by flag capers and the negativity associated with it.

System of a Down at the BDO back in the day in the sunshine. Amazing


Soundwave was the best festival. What a time to be alive when alternate and metal were in their prime.

Double/triple J did an excellent series on the BDO a few years back. Definitely worth a listen




It’s all about The Dirty Three on June 20th.


Thanks for the heads up, compadre. Will be there. With bells on, if I can get them through security

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Thursday night. New job. 200kms. I wonder if I can.


They’re playing in Canberra as well, might be easier.

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Saturday night is easier. And I get free accom in Sydney.

And I know Enmore really well, so when I throw shit at Warren Ellis for fucking up The Bad Seeds it’s easier for me to do the Harry.


Beyonce subverted Jolene! And well!

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I thought it was not good.

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I get what she’s trying to do, but it’s basically country rap now, and country anything is shite beyond compare.