Its all horrible now, and I feel sorry for today's kids... the Music thread

This old chestnut came up on Spotify the other day and so I gave it a bit of a nostalgia blast:

Anyway, it is a cracking tune, but I recalled hearing that it was meant to be about onanism… you know, menage a moi…? finger painting…? er… dialling the rotary phone? Dammit, masturbation, it’s about wanking.

I dug up the lyrics (I’m always crap at making them out, and Lauper’s style is hard to follow at times) and read them whilst watching that film clip… good Lord, it’s absolutely filthy! As someone who was at school when this came out, it seemed at the time like a perfectly straightforward song about dancing, so kudos for Lauper for writing something which was so innocent for kids, but blatantly filthy when looked at with adult eyes. And the video itself - the steamy windows in the car when it’s just her in it, “masterbingo”, “self service”. Excellent. Makes one fall in love with her all over again - though, obviously she doesn’t need it.

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The Bronx on Thursday night, can’t wait

We’re probably similar age and I only knew the real meaning of the song only in the last ten years or so. It did make the Filthy Fifteen, but there was probably less of a backlash as Prince’s ‘Darling Nikki’.

Yeah Darling Nikki suffers from that lack of subtlety.
Great to see that plenty of Spotify users have made use of the PMRC’s homework and created Filthy Fifteen playlists!

Of course, I remember that seeing the below sticker was the mark of quality.

I also had the advantage of having parents where English was their second language so I would play Darling Nikki and a lot Prince’s dirty songs without any repercussions. :smiley:

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Hey weren’t you Portuguese too? Musta come out at a similar time during the time when Portuguese were still coming out here in numbers.

Yes Portuguese, both my parents came out here in the late 60s but I was born here.

So your folks came out pretty early. We came out early 80s.

New Sick of It all album will be released in a few weeks. I haven’t heard them for years but for some reason they popped up on my Youtube list. Still sound pretty solid

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Thread title never more appropriate than after the Spicks & Specks reunion show.

Fancy following up a bona fide late nineties / early noughties supergroup (Ash from Even, Adalita, Kram & Moler bassist) with that fucking Montagne shite. Had my ears begging for the sweet sweet relief of Enya.

It’s out & it is quality

I was channel flicking the other day and stumbled across a Post Malone concert - it could have even been the one in the article.

Now I’m fully aware that I’m getting older and what I like is not what “the kids of today” like, but I watched for a few mins and was basically dumbfounded at what I saw. It was hard to believe that someone so obviously lacking in any kind of talent and songs lacking in any kind of musical quality was playing to a giant festival crowd who all were singing along word for word. PM wasn’t even singing or rapping, he was mostly just miming along to a prerecorded track. Just him on an empty stage with smoke machines billowing whilst he mimed to his own album. Bizarre.

Would you say that Post Malone isn’t as good as Malone’s posts on this forum?

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Are we living in a Post Malone post world?

I’m waiting for the post Malone Post Malone post world, the new forum can handle it.

Tickets on sale for the annual Xmas Even bash. :beer:

In keeping with this thread I pity any young whipper snappers who haven’t seen them live. The only band who could write an ode to Victoria, and yet I don’t hate them for it.

Intriguing, shame I have to work the next day. :frowning:

Gig is on the 23rd, surely you won’t do a full day on the 24th? Jameson on me if you’re up for it. :wink:

Witnessed David Byrne concert last night.

Oh my goodness…words fail…but that was a mindblowing experience.