It's OK to be White and other dogwhistles - the Australian politics thread


That was my experience as well. I went to a few pubs and they were pretty full on. They had a pad to write your details on but they didn’t really enforce it. They just had it at the bar


Surely Victoria needs to start looking at re-instating restrictions. 71 cases in a single day is just mental, after they’d cut it down to single digits for such a long time


Forget re-instating restrictions, I say we boot them from the Federation.


I’m assuming Victorian stupidity is on par with the rest of the country. Drove past 2 testing places yesterday and they had huge queues which will inevitability kick up more cases. Pretty comfortable with Dan Andrews management of COVID19.

Did see a cafe that was completely ignoring the density rules and I dobbed (like the thug I am). They were clearly following the rules the next day which suggests someone did something quickly.


Interesting to note that one is blaming the protest yet.


You mean no-one? One could argue that a Labor state government is far less likely to blame protestors. Hell, GLaDOS and her Liberal state cohorts were blaming protestors here even before any of those protests went ahead.


If you really want to get political about it, just pointing out that NSW has it under control as a Liberal state, yet Victoria as a Labor state has really fucked it up…


Victoria would appear to have been let down by individual actions of infected persons, rather than the careful and rigorous approach adopted by the government. Can you fault Dan Andrews or his government for any of the measures that they have taken, or the communication to the public thereof?

And let’s not jump the gun on NSW having anything under control just yet…

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More so just showing it’s literally got nothing to do with politics. In fact the situation in Melbourne shows exactly how bad having mass gatherings like that can go. Plus i’d love to see direct quotes from Gladys in which she’s stated that the protesters will be blamed for future spikes. I dare say the message was always don’t risk it with mass protests.

I’m not responding to anything else with regards to this as I’ve clearly made my statements previously.


Another reason why this man is a prick!


Given the populations it seems to be moving through, Sky News was faced with a difficult choice between its hatred of people making the outrageous claim that you shouldn’t murder black people and its hatred of Muslims. Seems like they landed on the latter.


I can’t even …


42% are


This is bloody good news. Suck it Gladys. You have failed your master Casino Mike in selling off the Powerhouse.


I don’t see why it’s so important to leave the Powerhouse in Pyrmont, can someone explain it to me?


It’s already there.

Fuck property developers.

And I’m pretty sure the money raised by selling the current location just goes to building the new building.

And Also, the site in parra requires the demo of heritage listed buildings.


Oh and also, westies can’t have nice things.

The two site location is better imo as the powerhouse has lots in storage.


Because people don’t like change and they don’t like the government selling land etc.

It’s mainly part of a concerted effort to decentralize Sydney. With some major companies already opening large offices in Parra, it’s part of the main concerted effort to make Parra way more appealing to major companies and alleviate the pressure on the CBD


The progressive Greens Senators that lead the movement to have the Museum remain at it’s current site don’t like change?

It’s nothing to do with change, and everything to do with the government’s track record of dodgy deals with property developers. See also, lockout laws.

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And the the exhibits were going to be scattered around various small museums or put in storage. And the new museum was not going to have space for some of the larger exhibits.
And the working steam would no longer be working.
And the new museum was going to be more of a convention centre than a museum.
And as Hilly said they were going to knock down heritage buildings for a museum of heritage items.
And the main driving force were the developers who wanted to get their hands on something else the government owns.
And I am sick of this government selling everything (even stuff that is nailed down).

They have already sold themselves. I do not know why they just down sell the government (both houses).