It's OK to be White and other dogwhistles - the Australian politics thread

How amazingly entertaining and depressingly bereft of dignity, ethics and a central unifying narrative is our political system these days?
So today;s news is that the Nationals apparently are looking at bringing back the beetrooter.

Accordingly to Chris Kenny,

“He’s the spiritual head and everyone in the country knows that.”

I totally agree with Chris - when I think Nationals, I think entitlement, big-end of town advocacy, environmental recklessness and the unresolved whiff of corruption hanging about.

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I don’t reckon he’s wrong tbh. That’s why they need to excise him from the party.

There’s so much space for moderate conservative representation in the bush. Look how even the spread of yes votes was in the postal survey on SSM. Australians are just not that extreme.

I think Cathy McGowan shows the way forward for the Nats. Pick local candidates and focus on local issues.

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There’s no way forward for the Nationals. They represent a diminishing demographic and increasingly even that demographic is starting to realise that the Nationals have done exactly nothing for them.

The Nats represent less than 5% of the national vote and have turned that into government and Ministries for all but six of the last 20 years. They make up 22% of the current Cabinet (the same votes-to-cabinet-positions ratio would see the Greens take roughly half the Cabinet spots in a progressive government). Yet despite this outrageous level of hyper-representation, country people still feel like their interests are being ignored. Whether you believe country folk are entitled lunatics or have simply been let down over and over again, it seems pretty clear that the Nationals will never deliver on their expectations. No surprise then that they’re losing ground to independents and Greens left, right and centre.

Thread title makes me sad.

Yeah ditto, makes this site seem a bit fashy.

The thread title was literally a representation of what our federal parliament (well, senate) is reduced to, and the Liberal Party’s lack of moral fiber. I’m not sure why everyone needs everything spelled out in capitals.

The phrase “a bit fashy” makes me sad.

We get it, it’s just sad

Let’s not forget the Environment Minister insulting the former president of Kiribati to his face.

The morons can’t be booted out soon enough.

Had drinks with work colleagues yesterday and you would assume that given it was the first day of legalized weed over here that would have been the topic of choice. But no, I had to try and explain why the government would have voted for the Hanson motion because it made the news here.

They really thought this one through, didn’t they?

Looks like Phelps has won Wentworth

This country’s politics is so cooked.

Win is not a sufficient enough word. The Liberals have been fucking belted. Incredible stuff.

Phelps wins easily.

Now if only someone can find a decent independent for Dickson and Warringah and get rid of Dutton and Abbott.

Hold the phone.

Jane Caro apparently considering a run in Warringah and Dutton is likely to lose to Labor so covered on both counts.

I’m all for Dutton, Abbott and co to lose and get humiliated in the process, but I’m a bit wary of enabling any random entitled boomer to run for parliament, just because.
Phelps won because she was a good candidate as well as all the other nonsense.

Anyway, the LNP are probably just going to blame all of this on Turnbull and lurch further to the right.
Look at this shit.

I seem to have missed this story.

Would all the LNP MPs with section 44 issues now potentially be in a lot more trouble? Do they get desperate and try for an independent as Speaker?

If Dutton got referred and faced the bi-election music it would be gold logie entertainment.