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This was a part of the older forum and is now something of more interest to me after graduating uni so I’ve decided to start up a new one.

Post here regarding advice for the workplace and anything job related.

I’ll start off with a quick question to some of those further into their career than myself. Ive recently landed myself my first professional role through an employment agency. The opportunity and role is fantastic, however after a few discussions I’be come to realise that perhaps being contracted out via the agency was not the best decision. Does anyone have any experience with moving from an agency to gaining employment exclusively with the company? It is a new role so it isn’t something I’m looking to bring up soon, but it is a discussion I want to have at some point so would love any tips/pointers for taking this on.


Its pretty common, the big roadblock is that your contract and the contract between the agency and the firm almost always entitles them to a very significant payment should you work for the client direct or via another agency within 6 months of the end of the contract.

it can be negotiated through, I’ve done it more than once, if there’s a strong longstanding relationship between agency and client and they really want you, it can be worked through.

Expect a 35-45% pay cut, maybe less if the agency is underpaying you.


Thanks for that. Was unaware of the 6 month clause and it was never discussed with me, so might be something for me to bring up in the future. The company is dedicating a lot of resources toward training, development plans etc. which has me hoping that their is a future with them away from the agency at some point. Again, something I may discuss in a few months with them as it is a relatively new role.


Might not be exactly 6 months but that thats the most common duration.

You should have a copy of your contract, if not, request one and read it.


There’s a 1st level help desk position available at my work, based in North Ryde. PM me for more details if you’re interested.




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I’m keen to leave my current role and start looking for a new job. Only problem is I’m keen to use my boss as a reference. Should I tell him straight away or wait until I have something lined up. He is a decent bloke but is it asking for trouble letting him know so soon?


depends on the relationship with your boss. I asked my direct supervisor to be my reference and he agreed, but he’s a good friend. Others may not be so happy to do so. My previous supervisor flat out refused to be a reference in general, even for people that were starting positions outside of my company.


Any reasonable person should be happy to provide a reference, people move on and grownups don’t take it personally. That said many companies have a rule that they’ll only confirm dates of employment and salary in order to avoid lawsuits (US companies especially)

Witholding a reference is petty bullshit and you wouldn’t want one from someone who thought it was OK.


This is a dick move. Anyone petty enough to fuck their employees over like that (a reference from a current supervisor can make or break a potential job) shouldn’t be in management.


She wasn’t the smartest person. For some reason she had it in her head that she’d get fired for providing a reference.


Thanks lads for your advice