Joe Lolley Appreciation Thread

In light of him rejecting Wanderers and Victory to sign on with us, and the ridiculous season hes having, its time for a new apprecation thread for Sydney’s greatest #10 in recent times (and player threads are always fun)

Will also take thread name suggestions.


Oh no, we made a thread for him. Watch him score one goal for the next two seasons, spend the last season and a half battling niggling injuries, and leave the club with a whimper at the end of the coming deal.


What have I done…

Seriously though, the guy is amazing. Very pleased to see the club take early action to retain him. There’s nobody who has deserved it more.


Absolute legend.

Must say, until that interview a few weeks ago where he said he loved the lifestyle and the club, I was thinking he’d be leaving at seasons end. Maybe he’s just got resting bitch face, but he looks so frustrated on the field half the time. Reminds me of ALF when he was looking miserable.

I’m glad he’s re-signed for the next 2 seasons :slight_smile: Makes me happier than a kid in a candy shop.

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Well if that’s the case, delete the Andrew Bluemayne and Grant Shit Hair threads.

You can’t just un-jinx a jinx!


Surely Lolleypalooza


He is English after all.


He looks frustrated on the field for obvious reasons, but ironically I think that’s probably about all he dislikes about being here. Seems he loves golf, the beach, the weather, the nightlife - the perfect city for him really.

Honestly I think he is the most talented all round player we’ve ever seen at the club. I remember during the Adelaide game while we were down by a few he sprinted back and put in a hard tackle and cleanly won the ball - he is a cut above in pretty much all aspects of the game.

He’s probably getting at worst the same pay as back home, but gets to live on Bondi Beach instead of some miserable third-tier English city.

There’s just the small problem of those shitty 90 minutes he has to put up with every week.

I miss Adrian a lot sometimes.


Yep was thinking of him when I said all round. Adrian’s creativity can’t be beat.

Lolley isn’t slow, but Adrian was definitely more mobile, more fit, and was more able to play people in with killer balls.


Candyshop for thread title?


No lolleypop reference is criminal imo.

Sweet as sugar

Scored even with a new match thread. This guarantees an incoming ACL injury, right?

Lolley is the guest this week on Football Friends with Ben and Stef. Very enjoyable interview. It sounds like he’s interested in finishing his career in Australia and maybe living here post career.

I love that so many of the overseas players that come here never leave.