Links to the Fox Sports website

Hi admins,
I’ve noticed that every time I see a link in the forum to an article on the FS website, it doesn’t work, e.g this being the latest:

When I click on it I get:

An error (403 Forbidden) has occurred in response to this request.

This doesn’t seem to affect any other sites. So two questions:

  • Is it possible to resolve this?
  • Is it possible to make this happen for The Australian, Daily Mail, DT and Herald Sun?




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I post a few links from the Fox Sports website because it’s not paywalled - never realised people were getting errors. Apologies!

Let me know if it’s something I’m doing wrong from a copy/paste perspective and I’ll sort it going forward!



It’s not your fault, it’s a weird thing that selectively happens with some Fox links.

So yeah I’ve experienced this too, but not with all Fox links.


Still farked for me, jubal

Yep, its something that news ltd are doing, they append some kind of tagging prefix that isn’t working

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